PICCPerfect PICC Me Up - 2 Pack - Floral & Green Tweed
Floral Pattern PICCPerfect Cover
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PICC Line Cover PICC Perfect Tweed
PICC Line Cover PICC Perfect Floral
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PICCPerfect PICC Me Up - 2 Pack - Floral & Green Tweed

PICCPerfect PICC Me Up - 2 Pack - Floral & Green Tweed

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The PICCPerfect®: Smart PICC Line Covers 

The PICCPerfect® Smart PICC Line Cover protects and covers your PICC Line and helps prevent pulling and/or displacement.

Save $5 when you buy two!

Its unique fold-over design and double access openings will allow you to do your medical treatment without exposing your PICC Line insertion site. Your PICC does not have to touch your skin! Patent No. D818120. 

What’s New in PICCPerfect®?

Streamlined. Sleeker. Simpler Access:

Larger access points make it easier to fit both single and double lumens. The access points are bonded through a heating process (so no itchy stitching!).

 Soft-touch and breathable fabric with even more stretch: 

Advanced fabric technology including (EPA approved) antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties, and engineered seam taping for improved comfort, allow the cover to wrap comfortably around your skin. 

 Anti-slip edges maintain the PICC Line Cover in place:

Bonded anti-slip edges prevent the cover from slipping down your arm. 

Silver ion embedded fabric helps with blood circulation.

We know you’re going to love wearing your PICC Perfect Cover-just like your favorite jeans, when you wear them a lot they stretch out

Care: Wash your PICCPerfect line cover for 2-3 times/week and tumble dry on normal-low heat

The PICCPerfect®: Smart PICC Line Covers full length is 11 inches, 6 inches when folded.

*We have updated the sizing chart to accommodate a wider range of sizes, so please take a look at the new size chart when ordering.

Read what customers have to say about our PICC Line Covers here.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews

Easy to use and simply perfect for my PICC. Video on how to use was very helpful.

Well done!!

I love the material...They’re soft and so nicely finished. You’ve really paid attention to the details! Thank you for making such a quality product 🙂

Wonderful Product

I purchased this for my dear friend that is going through chemo and she loves them. The design is great with how the picc line does not have to touch her skin and then is covered up with the material. I would highly recommend.

Fighting Lymes

Best and most comfortable pic line cover I have used. Thank you Mighty Well!!

Money well spent

My boyfriend recently had a double pic line put in for chemo and the cover from the hospital was not working well. After some research I ordered one of the covers off Amazon and it is great it keeps everything in place you done have to remove the entire cover to access lines lines aren't rubbing on your arms. The nurses love it I have had so many ask where we got it. So needless to say this was the second one I purchased. They wash well and keep there shape and they stay up on his arm nicely.

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