LimbO® Waterproof Protector - PICC Line Shower Cover
LimbO® Waterproof Protector - PICC Line Shower Cover

LimbO® Waterproof Protector - PICC Line Shower Cover

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Keep your PICC clean and dry with a waterproof PICC Line Shower Cover that allows you to shower with confidence and security.

The LimbO® Waterproof Protector is a durable cover for PICC Lines, Midlines, and dressings to help you shower comfortably.

  • Waterproof protection for your PICC line, midline or dressing on the elbow or upper arm
  • Perfect for your shower (not suitable for the bath)
  • Easy to put on and use
  • Used within the NHS (National Health Service) in the United Kingdom
  • Seal is made from neoprene for comfort and security
  • Sleeve is made from PVC - Latex-free

Sizing Guide

To find the right size, measure above the PICC line, midline or dressing:

  • Kids (M45S):  Ideal for an upper arm circumference of 20 – 25cm. This product is shorter and meant for children.
  • XS-S (M45): Ideal for an upper arm circumference of 20 – 25cm
  • S-M (M65): Ideal for an upper arm circumference of 25 – 29 cm
  • M-L (M75): Ideal for an upper arm circumference of 30 – 37 cm
  • L-XL (M85): Ideal for an upper arm circumference of 37 – 46 cm

For customers who use PICCPerfect® see the size guide image for reference on your ideal size. 

PICC Line Shower Cover Use Guide

Putting your arm inside the LimbO®
Step 1: Using your thumb and forefinger, carefully grip your LimbO®’s black neoprene seal by its outer edge where it joins the clear plastic body of the protector. Insert your arm into the seal opening, gently pushing it into the protector. Be careful not to puncture the LimbO® with sharp fingernails or jewelry.

Step 2: Still gripping the LimbO® as described above, draw it up, easing the black seal over the bandage, then allow the seal to turn inwards as it slides up to secure.

Securing the LimbO®
Step 3: When up as high as possible, pull the LimbO® down slightly so that the seal reverses itself, turning upwards so that the inner surface of the seal is in direct contact with your skin.

Step 4: Ensure that the seal of your LimbO® lays flat against your skin and is wrinkle-free with a snug, comfortable fit to ensure waterproof protection.

Once you have finished using your LimbO®
Step 1: Carefully roll the seal back on itself a little and ease it over your dressing. You will now be able to easily slide the protector off your arm.

Step 2: Hang your LimbO® upside down, away from any direct heat source, to dry. It will be ready to use whenever needed, assisting your recovery.

Care & Use Guidelines

Cleansing & Storage

  • Hand-wash the LimbO® as required. A mild disinfectant or detergent can be used.
  • Dry your LimbO® thoroughly away from direct heat before storing.
  • Avoid folding the neoprene seal and check that it remains undamaged before reusing.
  • Store in a dry place at room temperature.

User Precautions

  • The LimbO® should be worn for a maximum of 20 minutes to avoid trapped warm air causing perspiration and therefore the risk of a damp dressing.
  • Please take extra care not to slip or trip when entering and exiting the shower.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Peggy Richards
This one works

Finally found the one that fits me

Anderson, Ava (Atlanta, US)

Having a picc is no fun, but I’m grateful that keeping my picc secure and safe isn’t a top concern thanks to my picc perfect :)

E. (Newport, US)
Makes self-care easier!

Anything that aids me in self-care I am a fan of. The shower cover is a must with a PICC cover. Thanks Emily.

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