Mighty Pack
IV infusion medical backpack - the mighty pack
iv infusion pump backpack for patients
Mighty Pack
Medical Backpack for IV and Pump Plus Wheelchair
medical infusion backpack with laptop pouch
Medical Backpack Wheelchair Compatible The Mighty Pack
Mighty Pack
Medical Backpack IV infusion pump backpack The Mighty Pack
Medical Backpack for IV and Pump Plus Wheelchair
The Mighty Pack Laptop Medical Bag
Mighty Pack
Mighty Pack
Mighty Pack

Mighty Pack

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We’ve got your back! Meet the Mighty Pack, the first medical backpack designed for patients, by patients. It's the perfect versatile solution for patients looking for an IV infusion backpack that can hold everything you need.

If you’ve been trying to jam your IV bag, medical pump, medical supplies, diabetic supplies, and personal belongings altogether, the Mighty Pack holds it all in a discreet and stylish way.

Plus, this new backpack is perfect for wheelchair users, as it has multiple strap locations to allow for flexibility. Nobody needs to know that you are carrying or wearing your essential medical devices and supplies. As patients ourselves, this is a product that we wish we’d had!

Mighty Pack Features:

  • Classic backpack silhouette that converts to fit easily over a wheelchair
  • An expandable medical compartment that can hold multiple medical supplies including medical pumps, IV bags/nutrition bags, extra tubing, infusion supplies, etc.
  • A second separated compartment to keep your tech and personal objects separate from medical supplies
  • Compartments are insulated and easy to clean. This keeps food or medication cold and easy to organize for daily use or travel
  • Reinforced mesh pockets to keep sharps contained
  • Side zippers to easily access your pump and seamlessly connect your IV tubing to access site in the body
  • Easy open zippers designed for people with hand mobility difficulties
  • Padded backstrap pads for user comfort and all day wear
  • Ultra-durable nylon shell
  • Easily fits multiple icepacks for patients on the go
  • Bonus outside back pocket to fit notepads, iPads, Kindle’s and more!
  • Works with most universal home infusion pumps and IV/Feed bags and can hold up to 2 bags of 1500 ml each
  • Dimensions: 14.5” h x 12” w x 4” d

    Designed to be convenient for:
  • Tube feeding/enteral nutrition/infusion patients
  • Diabetic patients
  • Anyone needing to carry medical supplies

           Cleaning Instructions:

  • Do not put your bag in the washing machine, simply use a damp cloth and spot clean where the issue is.

FSA or HSA Eligible: This item can be purchased with most FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) and HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) on Mightywell.com. If you have a card, you can add it in checkout. You can also purchase these items using a different payment method and choose to be reimbursed from your benefit administrator later.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Mighty Well Backpack

love it, perfect for everything that I need!


Mighty Well has been an amazing company, I have bought 2 backpacks from them for my tube feeds and they have been great!

Perfect bag for infusions!

I currently have infusions practically all day every day and this bag has completely changed my daily activities. I am now able to leave the house for hours at a time, back all of my infusion supplies and keep them organized in the pockets, as well as hold two infusions and two different pumps in my bag at one time. This bag has been a lifesaver and is so well designed

Chronically ill while in college just got easier

I ordered the Mighty Pack after using the horribly constructed backpack i was sent my my infusion company for just uner a year. I went from being untethered to IV fluids to being connected for 12 hours 5x week while a full time college student away from home. This backpack has made my life SO much easier. The pocket for my 13in laptop is just right and I am able to fit my planner, keys, wallet, and parking placard in the non medical pocket. The smaller front pocket has a hidden pocket that is quite deep and easy to put the necessities in (thremometer, inhaler, PRN meds). Importantly, the medical pocket is just right for a long day out while infusing and needing to draw up IV medications here and there. I am able to fit a 1000ml saline bag, infusion pump (CADD PRIZM), 4-5 vials of medication, 50ml (piggyback) saline bag, extra set of tubing, 4-5 9V batteries, 2-4 needles, 5ml syringes, a handful of saline and heparin flushes, two epi-pens, alcohol swabs, and swabcaps. It is a freeing feeling to know you don't have to head home while with friends to give yourself meds. The internal pockets in the medical portion of the bag is able to hold used sharps which is awsome! The only thing I wish it had was more color options, and a bigger size option for those of us who don't want to "refill" our medical bags every night. Overalll, if you are a medically needy person on the go I would HIGHLY reccommend this bag!

Best bag for active infusion needs

I use the Mighty Pack for IV saline infusions, and I was a bit worried that my 1L saline bags wouldn't fit because they are quite tall. The bag is the perfect size, and in the medical supplies pocket I am able to fit 2 of my 1L bags, my pump, spare batteries, heparin/saline syringes, and extra alcohol wipes and caps without any issue. In addition to storing ALL of the supplies I need throughout the day, the larger pocket can accommodate my laptop and school supplies easily. I am a college student, and I was struggling to find a bag that could carry my infusions and my school supplies safely, without being too bulky or heavy. The Mighty Pack seriously does it all. It is also very reassuring that the medical pocket is all waterproofed on the interior and exterior, because I don't need to worry about my infusion spilling onto my laptop. The Mighty Pack allows me to be an active student while keeping myself healthy. It is an absolute must-have for people with infusion pumps.

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