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how it all started

a letter from mighty well founder, emily levy:

Mighty Well® was born of necessity... mine!

During my sophomore year of college, I was diagnosed with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. When I had my first PICC line put in, I was told to protect it by wearing a cut-off sock, sleeve-like, on my arm. I’m sorry…what? A sock? On my arm? In public? Like…on dates? A SOCK?! And I wondered: How was this ever going to fit into the carefree, collegiate lifestyle I’d imagined for myself? How could I be me this way? What had I become? And how would I possibly flirt with that adorable hockey player in my 8 am finance class?!

As soon as I had that sock on my arm, I saw the irony: Intended to protect and conceal this critical piece of my treatment, instead it fixated on my illness and disregarded what was left of my wellness. It silently urged me to define myself as sick, and tempted me to hide instead of getting out there and doing the things that made me feel like me, the things that make a life. Like flirting with that adorable hockey player!

In those days PICC nurses had little else to offer, so I became obsessed with finding a solution that looked and felt fabulous and wouldn’t come between me and my lifestyle. Thus the PICCPerfect® PICC line protector was born — but we quickly realized we could improve so many more lives by creating additional products designed around the same set of values. So today, we are Mighty Well® — a growing line of medical accessories that put strength, confidence, and mobility back into the toolkit for spoonies and anyone else coping with a health setback.

It’s simple: Our dreams and ambitions are just as big as they were before our diagnoses. And if we’re going to conquer the world we need uncompromising style and comfort — and the power to do treatments easily, discreetly, and on the fly. Nothing powers physical healing like feeling like you, so get out there and do your thing. You are not a diagnosis — you’re Mighty Well®!

Here’s to your health,
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Emily Levy
CEO and Co-founder


our mission 

Mighty Well is a woman and minority-owned business. Its three founders, Emily Levy, Maria Gomez, and Yousef Al-Humaidhi, met their freshman year at Babson College. They joined forces after Emily’s first-hand journey with a chronic condition with the mission to transform the experience of being a patient. Mighty Well designs innovative and stylish Adaptive Wear, enabling users to maintain dignity and confidence while securing their medical devices.

our vision

To be the thought leader and maker of the best Adaptive Wear products in the world. 

our values


the patient experience
We understand what it means to live with a disability, chronic condition, and illness.  At Mighty Well, with our community of Friends in the Fight, we are the patients and caregivers -and it is the daily challenges we face together that drive us to create products that solve problems making life easier, safer, more confident, and dignified. 

collaboration and community 

We are Mighty Well strong because of our robust community of Friends in the Fight, and the wealth of expertise and experience of the healthcare professionals and partners who advise us every step of the way. 

innovation and safety

We are committed to sourcing the most innovative fabrics and advanced materials in order to design and produce the safest, solution-driven Adaptive Wear products in the world. 

compassion and duty of care 

We are founded on compassion. It’s the core of who we are, and at the heart of what we do. In life and in business, compassion guides us and is what leads us to bring products to market that can improve the quality of life for the patient and caregiver. 

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