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“…I don't feel I have to hide anymore!”



I currently have a midline catheter in my arm, not an actual PICC. The PICCPerfect cover works great. It allows me to fully cover the midline, keep the leads contained, and it looks like I am wearing an elbow wrap/support. It is also very comfortable to wear. I would recommend this cover to anyone with a PICC or midline catheter.


"After discovering that socks were itchy, I tried three covers from another company. Although they were the correct size, they always slid down my arm. Then, I tried this PICC line cover and it has been AMAZING! I always have peace of mind that my PICC line cover is in place, and since I can leave it on during infusions, my dressing underneath stays intact PERFECTLY throughout the week. I couldn't love it more!"


“I am absolutely loving it and have been so excited to show it off. I passed along your cards to the "PICC master" (as they call her here) and she thought it was so great. I made sure my dress matched my cover and I felt secure and confident going to such a public function...Whenever your PR girl wants an interview she can send a message/email any time. Here's a couple of pics! Thanks again!"


“Absolutely IN LOVE with this PICC cover! I tried so many different ones - classic mesh, cut socks, Sleek Sleeves, and more - before coming across PICC Perfect, and I couldn't be more satisfied. There's no discomfort from the PICC line rubbing against my skin -- because it doesn't! It also keeps my PICC in place better than any other cover does, especially during the night."


“I LOVE it! And I had a blast with you all! With Lyme, the little things we can control, and make easier day to day, really do help when those tough days hit — not worrying about covering my arm and being able to easily do infusions on the go, and not having to constantly pull up some silly sock or bandage — just another thing off my plate so I can focus on healing.”


“Thank you Mighty Well for your help in getting the PICCPerfect cover for our daughter Kyra. She had her PICC line put in last Wednesday and the cover arrived the same day. The smaller cover fits her arm well and works great during her treatment sessions. It is also a very attractive accessory for her, especially during the hot summer season with sleeveless shirts, etc.”


“I got my PICC line cover today from Mighty Well! 10/10 on this product... it was worth the money and now I don't have to feel CRAZY every time my gauze cover comes off lol. I love the pattern I chose. Every sick girl needs cute medical ‘supplies!’”


“...I have used different covers, including funky looking socks! When I used the PICCperfect cover, it was the most comfortable and user-friendly; it even works as a cover up while infusing. I found that PICCPerfect was just that... PERFECT!”


“Loved the product; very comfortable and fashionable. Didn’t fall down or feel too tight on her arm — perfect size. When she forgot to do treatment at home, she loved how she could do her treatment at her work without exposing her insertion site — nobody would notice or stare!”


“I just wanted to let you know that I bought one of your covers from Amazon in January...I LOVED it!!! It worked great, was very comfortable, and kept my line clean and protected. The nurses and doctors who saw it all loved it too...I will still keep telling people about the PICCPerfect cover because it is a genius idea and works very, very well. Thank you for making such a great product!”


“Thank you, #piccperfect, his sleeve is perfect! He fell in love with his sleeve because it has two slots [to] put the two lines through. Your work is amazing! #cancersucks #leukemia”.


“Absolutely superb product and equally if not better customer service. If you are unsure about buying this product don't be. The minute you put it on your arm you will love it. I will definitely be recommending this product to everyone I can especially my local hospital for sure. Thanks Mighty Well!!"

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