about us
how it started

Mighty Well was co-founded by three best friends, who draw from their collective experience as patients and caregivers. Their entrepreneurial journey began with Emily's challenging experiences with medical supplies and living with PICCs (PICC lines) and an implanted chest port. 

the mighty mission

The team believed the standard of care deserved a transformation - one that prioritizes patients and equips them to be informed advocates.

Through trusted learning resources, innovative products, and unwavering support, Mighty Well® empowers you to manage your medical devices with confidence & comfort.

how it's going

Since creating their first prototype of the PICCPerfect® PICC Line Cover in 2014, Mighty Well has helped thousands of patients upgrade their medical supplies, making it easier to advance their recovery with strength, resilience, and a positive outlook.

Today, Mighty Well® is a patient-centric brand where patients and caregivers discover, learn, and shop for the best medical products on the planet 🌎.

The team designs and sources medical supplies to the highest standards, collaborating with an advisory board of doctors, nurses, and patient advocates.

from the desks of our co-founders

Over eight years, we've learned from our resilient community, understanding that our spirit is undefeated, unbreakable, and Mightier Together.

In a healthcare system that can often fall short, you rely not only on medical professionals and caregivers but also on the strength drawn from fellow Friends in the Fight.

Together, we learn about better ways to care for our health. Well, because we deserve it.

- Emily, Maria and Yousef
Mighty Well® Co-Founders