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PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover

PICCPerfect® is a sleek, double-layer PICC Line Cover that provides comfort and peace of mind for PICC and midline users.


H2O Shield PICC Line Shower Cover

The H2O Shield™ PICC Line Shower Cover provides comfortable water protection for PICCs, wounds, casts, and dressings.

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PICCPerfect® Pro

The PICCPerfect® Pro is a garment-based lumen(s) storage wearable.

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Why integrate Mighty Well® products?

✔️ Moisture Protection and Line Security: Guard against moisture exposure and accidental line dislodgments caused by patient activity, enhancing the safety and longevity of PICC lines.

✔️ Save Time for Clinicians: PICCPerfect® Pro and the H2O Shield™ streamline line management, saving valuable time for clinicians during placement and care.

✔️ Consistent Care Practices: Ensure uniform care practices from hospital to home, promoting patient confidence and comfort with the consistent use of these products.

✔️ Cost Savings through Complication Prevention: Incorporating PICCPerfect® Pro and the H2O Shield™ helps prevent PICC complications*, translating to significant cost savings by reducing readmissions and additional treatments. *Based on 4 quality initiatives conducted in 2023.

✔️ Patient Empowerment and Satisfaction: Empower patients with a comfortable and effective solution, increasing overall satisfaction with their care experience.

The issues with the standards of care before Mighty Well®

Tape Issues

Skin irritation and breakdown due to unnecessary use of tape to secure the lumens.

Stockinette Issues

May cause skin irritation.
Doesn’t secure extension tubing.
High risk for line dislodgement.

Home Disposables

9 out of 10 AVA nurses recommended saran wrap to cover an IV when showering.

Serious and Costly Issues with PICC Maintenance

~1 billion

Annual cost of dislodged catheters2

Difficulties in PICC Maintenance

• Dressing becomes compromised

• Patient's picking, edges rolling, PICC pulled, etc.

• PICC migration/dislodgement due to snag/pull

• Pistoning and causing mechanical phlebitis

High risk for CLABSI or other infections

Challenges while bathing or showering: water/moisture near the insertion site

Negative Impacts

• Increased chance of blood stream infections

• Delayed treatments

Longer patient stay/therapy

• Skin irritation and breakdown due to unnecessary use of tape to secure the lumens

• Decreased patient satisfaction

• Skin integrity compromised

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Our collection of educational videos is designed to supplement your staff's training, providing insightful content on effective vascular access management. To schedule a virtual or in-person in-service for your team, please reach out to Maria Gomez, at wholesale@mightywell.com.

The Mighty Well® Promise to Clinicians

At Mighty Well®, we're committed to empowering healthcare professionals to help transform the patient journey. Recognizing the challenges clinicians face within hospital constraints, we acknowledge the limited time available for personalized care and education.

That's where we step in. With our cutting-edge vascular access products, readily available learning resources in collaboration with the Association for Vascular Access, and a supportive patient community, we offer a collaborative partnership for clinicians caring for patients with PICCs (and midlines!).

By integrating Mighty Well®'s PICC solutions into care plans, we aim to streamline processes, save hospitals and patients money, free up clinicians' time, and enhance the overall healthcare experience.

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1. Hill, J. (2014) Beyond the dressing for PICCS - Strategy for Cost-Savings and Work Efficiency. 2. Timsit et al., 2012, p. (1709) 3. Cheney, M. (2019) Health Leaders Media.