Ultimate Guide to PICC Line Care for Patients & Caregivers

Have questions around PICC lines? Don't worry; we've got you covered with the Ultimate Guide to PICCs for Patients and Caregivers.

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In partnership with Association for Vascular Access® (AVA), the Ultimate Guide to PICCs by Mighty Well is your definitive source for feeling confident with your PICC. 

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Association for Vascular Access® (AVA) is the dominant thought leader in the vascular access specialty. AVA works to improve patient safety and outcomes and to establish best practices among multidisciplinary healthcare providers across the care continuum.

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PICC line

What is a PICC line? 
Who needs a PICC line? 

PICC line placement 

4 ways to prepare ahead of your appointments 
What happens during a PICC line placement? 
Your first PICC line: what to expect page 

PICC line care

Caring for your PICC line: tips and tricks 
PICC line dressing change steps
Reducing PICC line pain 
PICC line complications to watch out for

living with a PICC line

Soaking up the sun: Emily’s tips for getting vitamin D
Traveling with a PICC line: Emily’s top tips

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What is a PICC?





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