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PICCPerfect® - Antimicrobial PICC Line Covers
Seema Bilimoria (Markham, CA)

PICCPerfect® - Antimicrobial PICC Line Covers

Meghan Bayer (Atlanta, US)
Such a Comfortable T-Shirt!

I love my new MightyWell “Undefeated” t-shirt! I do wish that there was a memo that they run a little on the smaller side, but it still fits nicely!

IMMUNO Compromised Tee
Evie G. (Bayonne, US)
Super soft, super cute, super useful!

This shirt is super comfortable, and it gets the message across without being too excessive about it. I keep getting compliments on the color and the back print! Everyone wants space, so people find it cute and humorous. I love Mighty Well products and am proud to wear them! I definitely recommend this shirt

Mighty Pack
Claire (Wynnewood, US)
Gives me freedom

Instead of being tied to an IV pole all day, the Mighty Pack allows me to be more mobile while getting infusion medications.

Mighty Well Mask Care Kit - New Day, New Color
Vany Argueta (Guatemala City, GT)

love them!

Great mask, if warm

This mask fits really well and feels totally comfortable. It is warm but not unpleasantly so. Highly recommended.

best for the summer heat!

Living in AZ, but still needing a mask because of my chemo therapy, this has been THE best mask. not too hot, not overbearing.

PICCPerfect® - Antimicrobial PICC Line Covers
Anthony Gramlich (Stockbridge, US)
An absolute necessity for a PICC Line

This is my first PICC Line for chronic lyme disease. The PICC Perfect cover is absolutely necessary for protection and comfort. It allows me to function and sleep without worrying about the line getting snagged. The PICC Cover even protected my bandages when it became accidentally wet. Otherwise, I would have had a major medical emergency. Forget the sock and buy this product!!!

PICC line covers

I absolutely love these covers because they are perfect for comfort with this line underneath my arm! It definitely gives me great sense of security of not accidentally pulling my pine out when using the line and not using it. 👍 Awesome product so I ordered 2 more in different colors! 💖💪 Very happy customer!

Mighty Well Mask - Antimicrobial Yarn, Moisture-wicking, and Anti-odor

I wish I had these masks a year ago!

These are the most comfortable, lightweight breathable masks! I teach 60 minute dance fitness classes and I have no trouble at all with these masks. I love that my glasses don’t fog up when I wear them too! I definitely recommend them!

Amazing product

I've purchased 4 of them the large was a bit to big but the medium fit perfect it was just a temporary picc line for me so I donated them to my doctor for others to use it's just the right thing to do feeling confident is one of the greatest medications so thank you for a wonderful product

My whole Family Loves the Mask

Awesome mask my whole family loves them very breathable... Love the colors have several mask..

Fits Well!

This is an easy mask to wear in that the nose clip tightens to close off air flow into the mask and the ear loops are tight enough to enclose the rest of the mask securely around my face. Great purchase--wish I'd gotten a color different than the gray--may need to order again!

an amazing product

Got my Picc Line 10 days ago, as preparation for bone marrow transplant. I was looking for a nicer cover then what I got at the Hospital and found this one. it took 5 days for it to arrive to Israel with UPS and its amazing, its comfortable and gentle on the skin and I can hardly feel it.

IMMUNO Compromised Sticker Set
courtney Vigeant (Millbury, US)
They get it

Love everything here . And my mom likes to use this stuck to her desk to advise coworkers to give her space as her daughter gets chemo meds. My ONLY suggestion would be a way to reuse them? Maybe not though it may not stick if that's the case.

Best mask I’ve ever tried

I am a returning customer as I have not felt a more comfortable breathable mask yet. I’ve worn my mask while traveling and had absolutely no issue sleeping with it on. 10 stars for me!

Looks good, feels good, does the job well!

I’m a COVID nurse injector since January 2021. Needless to say I wear a mask every day. This CD mask is comfortable, cool( I live in Phoenix), and the nose piece keeps glasses from fogging. Even fully vaccinated I’ll be wearing a mask in settings like grocery and other shopping, anytime I’m around people indoors that I don’t know.

IMMUNO Full Zip - Please Give Me Space
Kathryn Brandin (Portsmouth, US)
Warm and Fuzzy!

Love the color of this sweatshirt as well as the fact the fuzzy inside is soothing and warm. The Small fits me perfectly (5'7", 135 athletic lbs) and the length is perfect as it covers my tail. Liking the large 'Please Give Me Space' on the back so that folks approach from behind may take notice and give me berth.

Mighty Well Mask Care Kit - New Day, New Color
Francisca Gonzalez Cadenas (Barrington, US)
Love it! Buying more as a present!!

The mask is very cute and comfortable, I bought it in all the colors and Love how to fits the skin. Excellent quality material!

Great masks!

We got these about 10 days ago. Other masks kept falling off and I didn’t like the way they felt. Someone had one of these on and I asked where he got it. They’re very comfortable and actually stay up! Great product.

So comfortable!!

By far, this is the most comfortable mask I have worn to date. You will not be disappointed in the fit or quality.

So happy with my masks!

I am really excited with my new masks! Beautiful, comfortable, easy to breathe!

Mighty Well Mask Care Kit - New Day, New Color

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