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Very easy to use. keeps my cast very dry.

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CEP Tall Compression Socks, Women
Em A-H (Providence, US)
Helpfulness: Reducing leg pain and swelling
The most comfortable compression socks I have found!

As someone managing a chronic condition who travels a lot, I battle fatigue and leg aches. I decided to try the compression socks I found on, and I'm so glad I did! The graduated compression feels supportive without being uncomfortable, and my legs definitely feel less swollen by the end of the day. They also wick away moisture which is a huge plus during long days. I highly recommend these socks to anyone who manages a chronic health condition!

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Helpfulness: yes

BD PosiFlush™ Normal Saline Flush Syringe 10 mL

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover
Zebulon Duco-Moore (Birmingham, US)

My wife had recent medical issues that required her to have a picc line for antibiotics. Your product gave her some pretty in a time where she may have felt embarrassed. From day one she recieved compliments from nurses. It hid the picc line well enough she wasn't self conscious and when you are already sick that means alot. Great product. Thank you.

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Great Product!

This PICC line shower cover is convenient and easy to use. It is easy to put on, and it keeps the PICC line dry in the shower. I was pleased by how quickly our order arrived, and I would recommend both this product and this company to others!

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Fantastic and so comfortable

I had a picc for a month and these made all the difference. Being able to tuck the sleeve under the line itself was a great choice

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Much easier than plastic wrap and tape! And my bandage stays completely dry.

Saved My PICC Line

I was so nervous the first few times I showered with this cover. I was so afraid it was going to leak. It didn’t. Every shower has been great. No leaks. It fits. I can take a normal shower and not worry that my PICC dressing will get wet. Very happy with this purchase.

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover
Joann Chumita (Youngstown, US)

Very satisfied! Easy to put on. The on-line video on how to put on really helped. This cover helps to make the PICC line to feel more secure and protected. Good size chosen. If between sizes choose the smaller size.

Helpfulness: IVs and tube feeds on the go
Great Backpack!

The price of this backpack has made me hesitate to order it, but I'm glad I finally ordered it. It has worked wonderful to fit my CADD IV pump and fluids as well as my Infinity feeding pump and feeding bag. I have used hydration backpacks for years, but with the two pumps they are constantly getting tangled with each other and it is a huge mess to untangle. I've found that this backpack keeps the tubing organized and not a huge tangled mess. I did find that the carabiners that came with the backpack were hard to use and connect my IV bag and my feeding bag to so I switched them out with slightly larger and heavier duty carabiners and it has worked much better. I also find the front pocket a little difficult to use because of the diagonal angle that the zipper is at. I really like how the extra strap on the backpack straps don't hang down and drag on the ground if you're carrying the bag.

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover
Lindsey Morrison (Los Angeles, US)
Lessens My PICC Anxiety

Upon finding out that I was diagnosed with lymphoma and had to get a PICC line for chemo, I was waking up with anxiety - worried about how it was going to feel, worried about the dangly bits snagging on clothes, etc. I looked online and found MightyWell, and was reassured by the videos and resources available. I now own several and wear them 24/7, except when getting the dressing changed (I even wear them under my shower arm cover when showering). They feel so comfortable and protect the cover and the lumens - it makes me feel SO much more at ease and less anxious. Do NOT size down, though - stick to the bicep measurement! I am a L and tried out a size M, and it put too much pressure on the dressing and caused the PICC to get irritated and inflamed. No problems at all when I stick with the proper size. I can't recommend these arm covers enough! Bonus: nurses love them and are always impressed.

Absolutely love this bag! It’s my 3rd purchase from this company of IV/feeding tube pump backpacks. Only the second purchase was due to an actual need to replace (but it was my fault for attempting to massively overload the bag, packing about 6 liter bags of fluids, plus supplies and hauling it around, of course I had a zipper bend and stop wanting to zip. So I replaced that one, then they came out with the new style and I of course had to try it out, since I loved the old one. And of course, the new design is even better (and I didn’t think that was possible!). All in all, even if these bags wore out and I had to replace every 6-9 months, I would still happily pay to keep buying, they make my life connected to a tube that much easier and more comfortable. Plus, even when hooked up, NO ONE even notices that it’s a medical bag, much less that it’s for running IV bags and is holding a pump. Not even nurses when they see it sitting in my lap in the hospital!

Perfect Fit, Comfortable, and Secure

I ordered this for a friend who was given a sock to secure his PICC, which was super uncomfortable and didn't feel secure. Since getting the PICCPerfect he has felt more confident, has less irritation, and doesn't have to think about whether the PICC is secure or not 100x per day. He loves it!

A must have for anyone who travels with medication and supplements.

A must add on item to my self care case. I love that they are reusable and resealable.

FINALLY! A cute case that ACTUALLY organizes all of my pills, tinctures, and medical essentials that I travel with. I love how sleek it is!

Such a cute (and cozy) addition to my life!

A must have for anyone with brain fog!

I got this as a gift for a friend newly diagnosed with chronic illness. She loved it!

I love the nose clip and how it molds to my face.

Masks I can actually breathe in. I love that they are washable too!

The only masks that don’t fog up my glasses!

Made such a great gift for a friend newly diagnosed with chronic illness needing regular IV infusions!


These sleeves make sleeping so much more comfortable.

Very cool. The team that put in my pic line was impressed, too. Buying one more! Amazing.