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Amazing backpack

This back pack is fantastic I love the look and feel! The adjustable straps are super comfy an organization for feeding tube supplies is great. Definitely worth the money I’m in love!!

Confident cap

I love this hat! I put it on and it reminds me that I’m not alone in this fight, protect my eyes from the glaring sun, and sometimes helps me to just get outside! 💚

MightyWell Backpack

This is the best made feeding tube backpack I have yet to see. It is made of high quality materials, lots of space for TPN, or 1200mls feedings and pump. I love all the slots for syringes, gauze, tape, etc. The straps are also very cushiony and comfortable. It also has a slot for a laptop! The only thing is for those with fine motor deficits the zippers might be hard to use and also use the snaps to hang the feed bags, but otherwise it is amazing!!!

Game Changer

The PICCPerfect cover gives me the security that my line is protected from the outside world. I love the look, feel, and benefits this line brings, especially that it's Antimicrobial fabric. Thanks Mighty Well for creating such an awesome product that enhances my everyday!

The Answer for Medication Woes

I just received this wonderful Mighty MedPlanner yesterday in the mail. Today I spent more than an hour assembling and labeling all of my medical products, from meters to pills. This held EVERYTHING plus a weeks worth of my medication. I am a diabetic (type 2) and a breast cancer survivor. I take a multiple of pills, plus need to carry my diabetic's test kit and an inhaler. Add to that, alcohol, lances, bandages and an emergency snack in case of low blood sugar and you got a lot of stuff that I should carry around but just don't! Too many times we have been away from home and stop to eat but I don't have my test kit, or pills or just something. Now everything fits in this small case without getting crushed, lost or fall out of my purse. The is the answer to anyone who has medication woes.

Blood glucose sensor.

Is your wrap water proof so that I can keep my sensor dry?

Perfect Fit/ Great Quality

Great fit and well made. Any chance of marking ones in the future with a breathable cotton base. We live in Florida and the summer’s are hot. Thanks for your time and effort into making a really nice product.

Great sleeve; minor improvements needed

Great sleeve that does indeed reinstate confidence. Holds fairly well on your arm...wish it wouldn't slide down as much. Perhaps a tighter top edge would help. Otherwise, love it!

Count me as a fan

When my PICC line was placed the nurses suggested I could cut up an old sock as a cover. That seemed horrible. A little research lead me to you. Now those same nurses want more information about your wonderful product.

Sleeves and Mighty Pack

Perfect fit sleeves, helps keeps a barrier between the skin and the picc line. Mighty Pack is a must for keeping supplies organized and ready to go at any time.


New Year + New PICC line = NEW PICCPerfect for ME!

Thanks Emily and Team for supplying such a great product for patients who really need something practical!

Accidentally kept it, now I never take it off

I bought the Mighty Wrap to wear at my IV appointments. I stopped my treatments before it got here (the wrap got here fast, my doctor just changed the treatment) and I was going to return it, but I started wearing it around one day. And it was AMAZING! It's perfect to wear over my hoodie sweatshirts (I get really cold) or sweaters - it's super warm. I love the big pockets. It's cozy and I love the wrap function. Clearly designed by people who know what their doing! Thanks, Mighty Well!

I Am Undefeated.

This hat makes me feel strong!

The Mighty Pack

I only just started using it but absolutely love the feel and the way it looks! It's going to be a complete game changer for me. Cannot wait to start taking it with on all of my adventures.


This product is PERFECT for PICC line users. I have a double headed PICC line and struggled to keep my lines untangled and contained. This product gave me peace of mind that everything is in place, and stays in place.

Love the planner!!

It has been a great way to store and stay on track with my supplements and perfect for my herbs which are in glass bottles so they stay protected

Great cover!

This is a stylish, comfortable cover for a PICC line. Mine has 12” extensions on it and has to be wrapped around my upper arm and then secured. This sleeve is perfect to fold up and hold both lines in place. Great purchase.


This backpack has changed my life. I am so glad to finally have a backpack that can carry all of my supplies, plus my normal every day carry. I highly recommend it!

Great Storage for Meds!

I absolutely love this organizer! I was so excited when my daughter showed it to me. I'm able to carry everything that I need in it including my smoking accessories which I also use for pain.

Life savers

These covers are grades above anything else I’ve tried. Comfortable and reliable. Nurses always ask where they’re from!

The best you will find!

MightyWell definitely has one of the best PICC line covers out there. With other covers that I have tried, my line always ended up falling out...the cover did not secure they line, thereby increasing the risk for it to get caught on something and pull the line out completely. The PICCPerfect, keeps the line / extension tubing in place so you never have the fear of it getting caught. It keeps everything neat and in place so you never have to worry. The MightyWell team are all wonderful, caring people determined to make the absolute best products for the chronically ill community. They only create items that they would use themself. You will not find this level compassion and kindness anywhere else.

BEYOND grateful for this new organizer!

Whether it's due to brain fog or just my personality, I have been AWFUL at taking my medication for most of my life. This organizer helps me combat my forgetfulness, because everything is all one one place, easily accessible, and organized exactly how I need it and like it. It's durable and easy to use, and doesn't get lost in the bottom of my bag like so many other organizers. I will say I was nervous it was going to be heavy because of the hard shell, but it is SO light and easy to carry. This is the organizer I've needed for a long time. Thank you!!!

Even my nurse thought it was cool!

Having something like this PICC cover is so much better than those mesh tube things that home-health sends. It doesn't move around when I put on a long sleeve shirt and push up or pull down the sleeves. It has a good snug fit that isn't too restricting but stays put. I love that I don't have to take the whole thing off to run an infusion. The only thing was that after about 8 days of wear, it became a little lose and would slid down to expose the dressing if I moved my arm around or wore a long sleeve shirt. I washed it today (as I had been wearing it for 10 days) and decided to put it in the dryer on regular heat to see if that would zap it back to its original shape. Sure enough it did the trick! So overall, not a big deal. I love it and its discreteness, plus the piece of mind that my line isn't exposed like it is with the mesh tubes.

New design works

The new design doesn't slide down as much and is more comfortable

Smart, well made, useful.

Living up to its name the PICCPerfect is the perfect PICC line cover. It's very well made, and the fold down/fold up design make accessing the lumens for maintenance or therapeutic use a snap. Far superior to elastic net covers, bandages, etc.

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