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I love it!

This cover is awesome! I tried another brand before this that I disliked. I love how my lines can be tucked into the “pocket”

Fantastic product!

This medication planner is absolutely fantastic! I have adapted it slightly so instead of dedicating each compartment to a day/time, I have dedicated each medication to its unique compartment. One small improvement that I wish could be implemente is elastic on the sides of the med case to hold longer items such as epipens and lancets. This would be a lot more convenient as my bulkier items such as glucose monitor, test strips, pulse ox and neuromodulator controller take up the majority of the elastic space, so a small change like this would drastically improve the amount of storage. I also observed that the second picture on the listing depicts the envelopes as having three compartments instead of one large compartment. This would also be a fantastic adaptation if individuals wanted to dedicated one sleeve for a day and use the three compartments per sleeve for morning, noon, and evening. Overall the product is fantastic and with these two small improvements it would be even more user friendly!

Thank you!

The PICC covers for my daughter are just the answer for her busy schedule. Stacey has a chemotherapy cycle every 21 days.

Best organizer i’ve bought in 7 years !!

Love everything about it, fits most of my supplies except for my insulin pump sites, but other than that this is the best case i’ve ever bought for my diabetic supplies.

Sooo soft!

I absolutely love the quality of this tee, so comfy and soft. I love wearing it on the days that I'm struggling, it helps me remember how far I've come! Fantastic buy!

Fantastic for infusion supplies on the go!

I use my medcase for on the go infusion supplies that I use with my implanted port. I am able to fit everything I need and more, including batteries, hand sanitizer, saline flushes, heparin flushes, alcohol swabs and there's still more space for medications if I wanted. It's so nice to just grab the one case when I know I'll be finishing an infusion out of the house and not have to worry about whether I have everything I'll need with me. I also love that if I no longer need it for daily infusion supplies that it would work great for the many pills and emergency medications that I need to have with me at all times. Smart design, super functional and looks great too! No more ziploc bags of supplies smushed in my purse.


I am a fellow friend in the Lyme battle, and have been having the hardest time finding something to put my medications in as well as some extra stuff I have to carry (thermometers, needles, etc) and this case completely changed my medication situation. It is so nice to have all my stuff in one place as I always get to work or class and realize I forgot something at home. Seriously love this!!

A must have if you have a PICC line

I am so glad I got this cover. So much more comfortable than any of the other ones I got from hospital and other medical facilities. It kept my arm cool and it itched a lot less than those ugly mesh ones. It looks much nicer too. I was not able to thread my tubes through openings because mine were super short, but I was still able to wear it. It was a bit tight at first because my arm got swollen but when swelling went down it was perfect. I plan on buying a second one if I have my PICC line in longer than the original planned 2 months.

Had to buy multiple!

I love these covers! They fit very comfortably - not too tight, yet at the same time it does not slip throughout the day. The size chart recommended a cover that was too big for me, but exchanging for the correct size was simple and customer service is wonderful!

Thank you!

Thank you for prioritizing my order so that my husband received in time for his trip. He finds the PICC line cover to be comfortable and modest.
In the cancer world where we “hurry up to wait”, your consideration is most appreciated.

Piccline cover

Fits well but I should have gotten smaller so it didn't stretch loose.

I love it!!

I absolutely love this PICC cover! Works so much better than the standard holey mesh ones the hospital provides. I feel so much more confident knowing that my tubes are tucked in and won’t pop out while I’m sleeping and get tugged on. I’ve just purchased a second one since I use it daily. I would say that the size chart is accurate. I purchased an XL, and the circumference of my arm was a little bit larger than what chart stated would fit an XL. It was a tad snug when I first put it on, but it stretches out some throughout the day. I am really happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this to anyone with a PICC line.

NEW PICCPerfect 2.0: Smart PICC Line Covers

It lives up to expectations!

This product deliveres! It makes life with a PICC easier and more fashionable.


I LOVE LIVE LOVE my new case!!!

Picc line cover

Attractive, COMFORTABLE, and so much better than wearing something that looks like a sock! Also, it hides my picc line completely and that’s important to me because it worries my daughter to see it.

What a gift! PEACE OF MIND!

This is a great product and I have “peace of mind” knowing it had been made with antimicbial and moister wicking fabric!

The nurses here where I am doing rehab thought it was terrific and wished every patient had one.

It also gave me a tremendous amount of comfort knowing that I could not even by accident damage the PICC line!

Lastly, the pattern is great and compliments what I wear in these hot days and most important benefitted my family and visitors who did not have to see the actually line.

PICCPerfect 2.0 is Perfect

I had a port for 3 years, until it became infected and I received my first PICC line. I was sent home with little to no information about my line, and was told to use a sock or medical wrap to cover my line. I searched everywhere for PICC line covers and bought two other brands, and was not happy with them.

I kept looking and came across the Mighty Well website and I immediately purchased two of the PICCPerfect 2.0. I ordered two XL covers and when they arrived I immediately put them on, realizing within a few hours that I had ordered the wrong size, it kept sliding down. So, I emailed Mighty Well and I they contacted me back almost immediately and sent me the link to process an exchange, as soon as I shipped the XL back, they mailed out the large and I could not be any happier, the covers are absolutely perfect.

Convenient and Helpful

What a great find. I've been looking for something to keep all of my supplies in. Keeping pills, monitors, and other supplies in so many places has caused me to forget things regularly. With everything in one place I can just grab and go on my way out the door. Highly recommended.

Love it!

The PICC perfect 2.0 is wonderful for my sensoru issues. The soft fabric doesnt itch or bother me at all, and it prevents the plastic lines from touching my skin, which is a big bonus!

Great product

Love this PICC line cover! I ended up going down a size because I wanted mine a bit tighter so it didn't slip. Overall great product, and fantastic design!

Life Changing!

I have tried many organizers and this is by far the best one! I would recommend this product to anybody who takes pills daily or needs an organizer for their medical supplies.

Thank you

Thank you for such an awesome product! The design is amazing it works well, functional and stylish!! Keeps PICC in place, covered, safe and out of sight. Amazing amazing simple sleeve just perfect in every way!! So thankful we had this it really helped make a not so fun time A LOT easier, safer and private! No one even knew there was a picc line just looks like a stylish sleeve! But it is sooooo much more!! Just can’t say enough about this product/company!
My mother in law order this for my husband (from Amazon) there was an issue with shipping but one simple call to company and had sleeve the next day!


NEW PICCPerfect 2.0: Smart PICC Line Covers

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