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Comfy and stylish!

Our whole family loves these masks! We ordered size medium for myself and my husband and our daughters wear size small. The masks are soft, comfortable and the built-in nose piece allows us to adjust them to close over the bridge of our noses. I’m able to wear my glasses without them fogging up! And our ears don’t hurt anymore either because the straps are so soft!

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Kristine Lowe (San Francisco, US)
Best Picc covers out there

I tried as many different PICC line covers as possible and by far these are the most comfortable and keep the line out of the way. My chemo nurses all checked them out and raved about them too!

Limited Edition Mighty Well Mask - SNOWFLAKE
Angela Johnson (Brandon, US)

Limited Edition Mighty Well Mask - SNOWFLAKE

Care case

I am very happy with the Mighty Well Care Case. I ordered two extra double bags. Now I have a day by day reminder to take my medication and slip bands for extra saline and heparin. Thank you for your continued product excellence and relevance. I am a dedicated Mighty Well customer and also benefit from the blog.

Amazing for traveling!

The only masks I wear - great for traveling and all day wear comfort!

Best PICC line cover

Thank you, Mighty Well, for all you care and service to our wellness community. I love the PICC line sleeves and have several. My caregivers always ask about them. Also, I cannot express enough appreciation for your resources and blogs. Thank you, Emily, for doing something wonderful with your journey.
100 stars for your site and products. Does not stretch out, washable, and definitely the PICC Perfect. I have used these covers for 4 years.

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Covers
Lindy Brockington (Tucson, US)
Love my PICC Perfects

I love these things, I have four. They are soft and comfortable. Now I'd like to see some made in more colors and patterns!!

Free Mighty Well Gift Bag
Karen Baghdassarian (Altadena, US)
Helps between dressing changes

Great product. Makes the dressing stay cleaner within the week between changes

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Covers
Lindsey Hanna (Bellingham, US)
Top of the line

I’m completely new the picc line world. When I got my line I googled picc covered and came across this brand. And let me tell ya! There isn’t any other brand I’d trust more than mighty well. Not only does it have a sleek and stylish design it’s also anti-microbial which is super important cause I’m a yoga teacher and work in healthcare so as you can imagine I come into contact with tons of germs. As an added bonus it folds up on itself which protects the lines and also your skin from rubbing on them all day. What are you waiting for?! Orders yours!

Great idea but…

Unfortunately the zip-up locking band separates from one side of the pouch or breaks all together. This has happened to most of my full page pouches :(

This one works

Finally found the one that fits me

Excellent Backpack!!

I’ve been on 24 hour TPN for 8 months now and I’ve basically lived with this backpack being by my side 24/7 for 8 months. My TPN volume is a little over 2 liters but I was able to alter the inside slightly to fit my TPN inside perfectly. I absolutely love this backpack so much and it’s definitely worth the cost. I’m glad to have a backpack I can trust and rely on to work and be efficient!!

Self Care Case
E. (Providence, US)
More than a case . . .

The feature that I love this most are the binder rings inside. I loop my Neosporin spray, other notes that I punch holes in to keep them it all together, and a pair of small scissors to cut my paper tape. Move over generic first aid kits, now I can customize this for my med needs and not leave anything behind! And, with the pink zipper pulls I show support of BC all the time.


Having a picc is no fun, but I’m grateful that keeping my picc secure and safe isn’t a top concern thanks to my picc perfect :)

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Covers
Ashley Coutant (Bellingham, US)
Great Customer Service!

Customer service was incredibly helpful with any and all concerns! I love my PICC cover so I ordered another one and the shower cover! Cant wait to try them out

Limited Edition Mighty Well Mask - HEART
Larry Erwin (Florence, US)

Limited Edition Mighty Well Mask - HEART

So Glad The Heart Mask Is Back!

I unfortunately missed the Heart Mask last year, but jumped and bought both the Blush as well as the Carbon as soon as I received the email. The fit is perfect and I absolutely love them both! I definitely plan on wearing it by itself to the Farmers Market or just around my neck (see Essential Mask Accessory) while out and about outside when the weather gets warmer, just in case. It also layers great with my KN95's for that extra protection, as well. So thankful for Mighty Well!

Hands-Down My New Favorite Zip-Up Hoodie

I've been wanting to purchase this zip-up for quite a while and absolutely jumped to finally get it when I saw the special price. It is definitely worth it, I promise you. I will wear it over layers when I have no choice but to go in to the pharmacy, grocery store, as well as the occasional in-person doctor appointment that no longer offers Telehealth. I really feel it gets the message across and people do in fact give me space. Thank you, Mighty Well!

Please Give Me Space Tee
Katherine (Wilton, US)
Softest Tee I Own While Getting A Message Across

I could not be happier with my purchase of the 'Please Give Me Space Tee.' Truly the softest tee I own now. I mainly got it to wear by itself during warmer months when I have no choice but to go into my local pharmacy for my medications that I'm unable to have delivered or for when I run into the grocery store because not all the items I requested for curbside pick up are available. Thank you Mighty Well for always thinking of the most vulnerable and reminding us that our safety DOES in fact matter.

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Covers
Anthony Osorio (Murrieta, US)
Picc Line Cover

This is an excellent product, well designed and made. It works awesome! Thank you Emily and the crew at MightyWell!

Mighty Well Mask Essentials Kit - Back to Basics
Super comfortable Mask!

Love the Mask & continue to share with people who have trouble breathing while wearing normal mask! I wear 12 hours a day & so comfortable

Knit Beanie
LOREA (Taftville, US)
Perfect winter beanie

Warm, not too hot, doesn't ride up, perfect!!

Limited Edition Mighty Well Mask - SNOWFLAKE
Colleen Miller (Shelbyville, US)
Love snowflake

Love the snowflake masks and the fit. Very comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods of time . I even ordered more masks in different colors

The mighty will mask is the only mask that I have found that does not fog up my glasses!

My daughter love it

I purchased for my daughter she really loves them. Her chemo nurses were really impressed. I probably could have got her a medium but she made it work.

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