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Best picc purchase!!

I absolutely LOVE my PICCPerfect picc cover!! It is so comfortable, breathable, and keeps my line and extension wrapped up neatly while keeping the dressing covered and clean. I highly recommend this cover to anyone with a picc line!

Game changer

This backpack has been a game changer for carrying my many medical supplies and still has room for school supplies and my daily life items!

Thank you!

Thanks for making such an awesome product! It’s comfortable, easy on and off, and helps make my PICC line unnoticeable! I definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for a comfortable sleeve option.

Good blessing

Shipping took longer then what I anticipated, but once it got here it’s been a great health

this is amazing, I love this cover!!

Perfect For My Needs

So perfect to keep everything organized and also switch from home to travel quickly and easily.

Everything in one place!

The mighty pack fits all of my medical supplies perfectly! I have a hickman line and am connected to my CADD pump 24/7. Keeps my IV bag secure and all my medications in one place. No more digging through my purse for my meds! There’s tons of room for my epi pen and extra medical supplies in case of an emergency. I love that it’s black because it matches everything and won’t show wear and tear. Can’t wait to put some pins on it to personalize! My only regret is that I didn’t find this bag two years ago! Such an amazing product. Lots of love from a fellow Lyme warrior xo

New Day T-Shirt

So happy I took the chance and ordered!

Starting chemo is tough. As a mom, I wanted something to cover my PICC line so my kids wouldn’t have to see something everyday that reminded them that their mom was sick. This cover is amazing! It’s comfortable, easy to use, and everybody just thinks I’m wearing some cool arm band. It’s wonderful to feel “well” again.

Best thing ever

It gives me self confidence. It’s amazing. Every detail is better than any other backpack I’ve had.

Very satisfied

I love this shirt! Comfortable fit, forgivingly stretchable and the color is perfect!

Great gift!

I purchased this as a gift for a family friend going through cancer and was feeling overwhelmed with her new experience of being a patient. She was so grateful!


I recently purchased the good day, bad day, new day shirt for my wife who is struggling with the aftermath of a difficult diagnosis and the 4 surgeries that followed. She is a survivor of early trauma and the strongest woman I know. I could think of no more suitable a message to convey to all who suffer from chronic illnesses and have similar struggles .

Awesome, comfortable cover

Love this PICC cover. So comfortable, provides plenty of protection and looks so much better than gauze. The anti-slip grips keep it in place, and there is no itching like I get from the gauze. Have 3 colors, waiting for Green Tweed to be available in Medium!


Not only does it keep my medication organized, but it is easy to take with me, discrete, and has enough room for all my needs

PICCPerfect: Smart PICC Line Covers

Great product

Helps keep my line from dust and getting caught.

Great Gift for Friend with Cancer!

I purchased this for my family friend who is going through stage 4 cancer. She loved wearing it during chemo and anytime she needed a pick me up!

Love my PICC Covers

I own four of these now. They make managing my PICC really easy especially because mine has an extension on it, so the PICC cover holds it in really nicely and I don't have to think about it at all. It's easy to fold down and access my PICC whenever I'm doing infusions, they're easy to wash either by hand or with the rest of my clothes, and they look nice (I prefer to use the plain black or blue because I find they go well with everything I wear).
PLEASE NOTE: They do stretch out - I have thin arms. I got size small at first, but they got a bit floppy after a few weeks, and now can only wear for a day or two before having to wash it (which shrinks it back up). I got two XS ones after that, and they were a bit tight at first, but since they stretched after a few days, they fit perfectly, and they'll never sag.

Love it already.

I literally just got my cover today and after a few hours, I’ve already noticed a difference in how much better my arm feels.

Perfect in college and great for travel!

I was skeptical at first because other medication organization systems haven't worked for me, but within a couple days of using the MedPlanner, I fell in love with it. With taking several different medications every day, the Mighty MedPlanner has helped stay organized. It minimizes the space that I need for my meds (a huge help since I'm in a small college dorm). I also travel a lot, and it's fantastic to have all my meds in one container--now I only have to remember to pack my MedPlanner, not 12 different bottles. All around a great product!


I just got it because I had it shipped to a friend but I love it already!!! I’m so happy with the way it holds my feeds and I don’t have to worry about my feeds spilling everywhere!! And it’s not too big of a bag to carry around either!!

Perfect bag!

This bag fits everything! I can fit my infusion supplies, wallet, sunglasses, other medical stuff. Everything I need to leave the house when infusing fits in this bag! I also really like the flat bottom to the backpack so it stands on its own instead of tipping over. The inside that is resistant to needle stabs is also so helpful. This bag is everything I’ve been looking for!


Was looking for something sleek to keep Ned stuff in and i found it. It’s great and protects my products very very well!

A little bigger than I thought, but can carry what I need

I will say the pictures are deceiving with the size of this. It's big, but not bulky and can even carry a portable ice pack (I didn't think it would). The case is sturdy and doesn't look like it could get scratched up easily.

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