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Perfect mask

Finally found a mask that I can workout in. Great material, fits well, stays on the face really well thanks to the nose wire, feels good, comfortable and breathable. Ordered just one piece to try it out first, and then 4 more to have more of them!

Breathable and perfect fit

I have a small face and it has been difficult to find masks that fit me, but finally I have with the Mighty Well mask. The sizing specifications were exactly correct and the mask is very comfortable. Thank you!

Favorite mask

I have 5 of these. They are so comfortable and protective. I never have to adjust them. I’m active in my job & every other mask rides up or falls down when I bend over etc.


I love the bag and works great .I do have 2 issues one is clips on bottom will keep coming up done and after year they broke but need stronger material for clips for shoulder straps at bottom of bag .

I do wish you can get this bag in many other color and designs .Dark black it's great but I can never find anything in my bag.

But I will still recommend this bag

Very high quality

We love the material and fit of our masks.

Super Useful in Organizing Meds

This saved my nightstand from all an overflow of my prescriptions. It has also been helpful with travel and organization.

LOVE it!

Love the Mighty Well Mask! So stylish and keeps me safe!

Best on the market

I really like these. They're the best ones I've found by far. I have a picc line for antibiotics treatment and will have the line for a minimum of 6 months. The only issue I have is the sleeve isn't long enough to cover both my extention tubing and picc line/bandage. I don't know if it's the positioning of mine but it's too bulky to try and cover everything with 1 sleeve. I decided to use 2 sleeves. I think my situation is not the normal case. I also want to mention the incredible customer service. I placed a large order and after the fact I received an email telling me there was a 20% discount available. My PayPal was refunded and the bill reprocessed. You can't get better customer service than that!

Awesome mask highly recommended!

Super luv it 2 many reasons no.1 it doesn’t smell bad for a whole day used. No more Maskacne. Easy to wash and easy to dry and it fit perfectly and I luv the nose things Tym

Didn’t receive

I did not receive the bag—only 3 lovely perfect black masks.


I can really recommend the the cover. I use it every day. It protects well, and it looks nice

Mighty Well Mask - Antimicrobial Yarn, Moisture-wicking, and Anti-odor

Mighty Well Mask - Antimicrobial Yarn, Moisture-wicking, and Anti-odor


Great masks- giving them to some of my Lymphedema patients

Mighty Well Mask - Antimicrobial Yarn, Moisture-wicking, and Anti-odor

First mask I don’t mind wearing!

I’m very happy with this mask! Haven’t been able to say that about any others I’ve purchased. It’s lightweight, breathable and pretty omfortable.

Great product

Was told about the product from another patient in the doctors waiting room. He showed me his and told me how pleased he was with it. Went home and ordered it.

The best mask ever

I’ve bought dozens of masks over the past year & this one is the absolute best- best fit, most comfortable!!

picc line cover

best thing i ever did works great its only a temp thing but it makes life so much better then the mesh they give you when you get your picc that stuff is more of a pain then a help but butter then nothing i guess

Dope mask!

The best, comfiest, most flattering, breathable mask out there! The nose clip stays in place all day and it’s great to work out in!

Very comfortable mask. I wish it has a pocket to add a filter. I also wish it came in vibrant colors

Bought for my employees and kids

I got my first batch on the recommendation of another small business owner in my town. So I bought one for myself and each employee. And when my kids went back to in person learning, I got them some of the fun colors. Comfortable and it doesn’t suck into my face when I breathe in. Highly recommend.

Mighty Well Mask - Antimicrobial Yarn, Moisture-wicking, and Anti-odor

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