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PICCPerfect 1.0: Smart PICC Line Covers

Pretty handy

I was really excited to receive this! Shipping was very fast but when I wore it the first time it stained my picc line dressing purple. I had hand washed it before wearing. I’ve worn it for 2 weeks on and off really enjoy it. My double lumen picc is about 5 cm out so it’s a bit tough to fit in the holes doesn’t bother me though. For reference my bicep is 31.5 cm and I got a med.

Great Material and Design

I go to work with it and it makes my picc line very secure. Even my doctor loves it.

Love the PICC Line Covers

The PICC covers are very comfortable and stay in place very well!

Great quality

My name is Crystal & my Mother bought the PICC cover 2.0 for me a couple of weeks ago. I love it so much! No more rashes from the cotton sock, no more tugging & pulling all day, there's no problem at night with it pulling too hard on the line as the cotton did which allows me to get more sleep, the material keeps my arm from sweating at the site, & I can just toss it in the wash as I need to. This is, by far, the best thing for a PICC line & I'd recommend it to anyone! My only thing is I'd like to have a different color like blue, but that's just my personal preference. The best part is that I'm supporting someone that gets what I go through & they're not some big name company like Amazon. I prefer supporting the little guys out there, those that actually know what I need. You guy's rock!!

Prefect for Fighting Friends

These shirts are really nice quality and well made, and the message is perfect. Got one for myself and one for my best friend, and I know they’ll be the shirt of choice on the tougher days!

Wonderful product!

The items that the hospital and doctor's office gave me to cover my picc line slipped around or rolled up and were extremely uncomfortable. I was constantly aware of pain or pinching. I forget I have a picc line since wearing this product! It is amazing! My only complaint is that the new version only comes in black. I would like another, possibly lighter color, to change out.

Functional and Comfortable

Thank you so much for the PICC 2.0! It is perfect for my double lumen PICC used for TPN and overnight fluids. I am very impressed with the quality of the sleeve and sleeve holes which are holding up well over several weeks. Now if you could just make the 2.0 in other colors!


Extremely happy with my new sleeve!! I have a duel lumen and it fits perfectly. I love the little grippy on the edges, doesn’t hurt the skin but keeps the sleeve from sliding around. So so happy!!

PICC Cover

I was originally using the gauze sleeves provided by my medical supplier and found out quickly that they were not comfortable. This sleeve with the two holes gives you two options to run the line plus the material is very soft and comfortable. The ability to fold the cover over and conceal and protect the line is a great option.


Top Notch quality and very comfortable to wear I would recommend it to anybody

Stylish, and functional!

In preparation for a lumpectomy a friend gave me this wrap. I loved the fabric, cut and drape of the wrap before my surgery, and post-surgery it was a great way to give me a beautiful shape with roomy coverage over my bandages. This is a perfect gift for anyone preparing for a surgery of any kind because it is well made and easy to put on when limited in your range of motion. And, just a great layer for any day!


NEW PICCPerfect 2.0: Smart PICC Line Covers

PICCPerfect: Smart PICC Line Covers
Thanks for making things a little better

Comfortable fabric. Worth the money even if you only have a picc line for a few weeks. Keeps my picc safe despite the best efforts of my young children.

A little thing making a huge difference...

Had a PICC line put in after a hospital stay to continue home IV antibiotics due to an infection. PICC line was covered with white mesh and I was given some extra for home. It is stressful enough having to come to terms with 3 IV's per day for six weeks and all that entails let alone having to worry about the vulnerability of the PICC line and the tubing. I called every surgical supply store in my area and most didn't even know what a PICC line cover was let alone had any in stock. A quick google search later let me to many companies selling them on line. I found a review of Mighty Well and the story behind the company and said that's who I'm ordering from. Followed sizing instructions and measured my arm, placed order and cover was delivered within 72 hours way ahead of promised delivery. I watched the video of how to wear the cover and put it on. Just putting the cover on and securing the tubing made me feel better and so happy. One less thing to worry about and I couldn't be more pleased with the product. Would highly recommend.

Thank you for your kind words Elizabeth and for taking the time to add a picture here! We are happy to be your Friend in the Fight!
PICCPerfect: Smart PICC Line Covers
Better than expected!!!!

So far very good product, fitment and overall a very well design product. Keep up the good work.

Runs much smaller

Previously we needed to size down with the original. And it stretched out with wear. This version doesn’t stretch out and run a tad small.


Cover comfortable and design is impressive - don't need any additional wraps. Only 4 stars as it does fall down a bit - maybe I should have got smaller? I used the measurements on the website to choose size.

PICCPerfect: Smart PICC Line Covers
Great Product!

I had tried a different type of PICC line cover with a mesh window, but ended up returning it because it did not fit well. Then I ordered the PICCPerfect and it fits perfectly. I was on the line between sizes and I ordered the bigger size. It’s so comfortable because the double fold design keeps the extension tubing away from my skin. I LOVE this thing- only complaint is they didn’t have my first two color choices in my size. Also very quick shipping!

PICCPerfect: Smart PICC Line Covers
Perfect PICC Sleeve

Love it!! I had a stockinette covering my PICC and this sleeve gives make it more secure which leaves me less anxious about it getting messed up. It hides it better, doesn’t stick to everything (like the Velcro on my leg brace, and it doesn’t itch my skin. I don’t need PICC for a very long period of time but it was definitely worth purchasing for the 4-6 weeks that I will have the PICC. It is made of very nice and good quality. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a PICC line. I will most likely donate mine to someone when I am finished with it.

PICCPerfect: Smart PICC Line Covers
Only the best

I’m a day one dedicated mighty-well fan - Ive had my PICC line for 4 years now and have worn my PICC line cover EVERY day since getting it and it just finally got a little tear in it after wearing it daily for well over a year .. if that’s not amazing quality I dont Know what is!

PICCPerfect: Smart PICC Line Covers x2
Innovative AND comfortable!

I love my PICCPerfect. The design with the fold of fabric that separates the line from the skin makes it so comfy and every nurse or doctor I’ve showed it too have been super impressed! Some even wrote down the name to recommend to their patients! It’s a bonus that they are cute too!

PICCPerfect: Smart PICC Line Covers
PICC Perfect

My husband enjoys using it, but it is a little difficult to use for his double lumen PICC.

PICCPerfect: Smart PICC Line Covers
Amazing Products and Company!!!!!

Thank you for amazing products. I absolutely love the PICC PERFECT cover. I've had my PICC line for 2 years now and cant find a better product. It's soft, comfortable and very stylish. Highly recommend it to anyone.

PICCPerfect PICC Line Cover - Black
Great product

Thank you for a great product. This is my first PICC line in my battle against Lyme disease and this cover is the best. I have such anxiety over this and this helps.

Thank you for your kind words Jennifer - we are happy to hear that!

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