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Very useful

This has been extremely helpful for organizing my many medications, so I don't have to carry them around in a combination of pill bottles and boxes. Also helps me remember to take them all in a day, despite short term memory problems from Lyme. Great product!

Best PICC cover available

I have ordered multiple PICC covers over the past 16 months, and of all the types I’ve bought, these are by far the best made, most comfortable, most functional and easiest to care for - comes out of washing machine in perfect shape.
The ONLY downside is that the XS isn’t small enough to stay up on my arm.
I need a XXS, but MightyWell (not any other company) makes this size.

Proud to Promote

i wear my undefeated hat with pride. i am always happy to support a good cause especially when that good cause is feeling good about myself despite how i may feel inside. My undefeated hat is adjustable so it isn’t too tight around my scars and is very comfortable

wear with Pride

it never fails that when i wear this shirt some dude comes up to me , flexes and asks, “how are you undefeated?” with an emphasis on YOU like it’s some kind of challenge. to which i usually earnestly reply , “ it’s a declaration that i’m not going to let my chronic illness get the better of me. that i have it but it doesn’t have me.” at which point they relax and say,”oh....i never thought of that.” and walk away.

Best tubie and infusion bag

I've been looking for the perfect bag to hold my tube feeds and infusion supplies. I've tried many bags but this is by far the best. It fits everything. I love the side access zippers. Also the separate technology section. Very comfortable too. I like the small profile and the fact that it's still roomy. Definer would recommend.

PICCPerfect Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover

I will be having a PICC Line soon for treatment of a bone infection in my foot. The cover is lightweight and has holes for PICC line tubes to be inserted, after which lower section of cover can be folded over to protect the PICC Line.

New Favorite Jacket!

I have recently become a full time wheelchair user and have to wear a solid back brace from head to knee due to a surgery and injury. Putting on coats and accessing my feeding tube and port has been a disaster. Plus I live in New England... this we definitely a game changer and I wish I got it a whole lot sooner!

Love this sleeve!

This has been a life saver keeping my PICC safe. I have 5 small kids and I was so worried about them accidentally pulling it out, however this sleeve makes my PICC feel very secure. I ordered a medium according to the size chart but after 2 days of wearing it, it was too stretched out. So I ordered a small it fits perfect!

Great PICC Cover!

The New Limited Edition PICC Line Cover feels great! It’s more transparent than the Antimicrobial PICC Covers (they are amazing too!) The material is soft and the fit is good. The grips however are not as strong as the Antimicrobial grips. This cover falls down my arm more than the other PICC cover. With that said, Mighty Well is the best company to buy covers from. They are on the pricy end but in my opinion they are the best product on the market. I own 3 covers and I have been using these products for 5 months now. Only because this Eco Friendly material feels great but it does slip down my arm is the reason why I am giving a 4 star.

Amazing medical backpack

My son loves this medical backpack. He can fit all of his medical supplies and feeding tube pump inside. It's comfortable and stands up on it's own when he puts it down which is a huge bonus for him. It fits on the back of his wheelchair as well. The quality is great. Thank you!

Med planner

Love this I use it for my cathetars,medicines,glucose meter,strips and snack for low sugar as I get hypoglycemia and bandaids as I have bleeding disorders,it's an amazing tool to have 💜💙💚💛


This is by far the best and most comfy PICC line cover! I love this!

Saved My Social Life

I only had a pole or an insurance issued infusion pack that was basically a string bag with a string out the side. It wasn’t realistic for me to use either of those things at school, work, or just out and about. I found the Mighty Pack when looking for better infusion packs and bought it right away. It holds all of my medical supplies including all sorts of emergency medical supplies, my feed pump, my 1200 mL feed bag, an ice pack to keep my feeds cool, and all my school work. It keeps my feeds cool with an ice pack for hours and hours but simultaneously doesn’t damage my electronics with the cold. It’s such a life saving pack and does everything I wanted it to do and more.

PICCPerfect®: Antimicrobial PICC Line Covers

Managing My PICC Line So Much Easier!

My home health nurses have raved about my PICC line cover. I've shared your name and website with them so they can tell their other patients. I've just ordered another.

First purchase

First time with a PICC line and the sleeves I was sent home with from the hospital were awful. I'm so glad I decided to get one of this it made this process so much easier and more comfortable at the same time!

Great Medication Holder

Loved it, got here quickly and it is able
To hold all my medications which makes my bag so much lighter, which is super important to me. I 110% recommend this product to anyone who has a chronic illness and needs a better
Way to carry their meds.

High quality and comfortable gear!

The tshirt is very soft and nice screen printing. The hat is comfortable and great embroidery lettering front and back. The patches are high quality, detailed, awesome awareness designs!

Love the concept

I love the product. It’s durable and sleek. I wish it came with more pouches as someone with Lyme Disease I take about 16 medications and 16 supplements a day.

The Best Way to Transport My Meds

I don’t know where I was without my Mighty MedPlanner before I bought it. It’s the simplest way to carry my meds that need to be cooled, as well as just being handy to carry supplies like my glucose meter and an Epipen. One of the best ways I’ve spent my money.

Love love love

My husbands arm is 12” and we got him a medium. Tight at first but he got use to it as a large is too big. He was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and needs a PICC line in his arm until future therapy. This cover fits him well that we forgets he even has has a PICC line. I say best product on the market. Thank you!

Only wish there were more colors!

Excellent Product

My daughter has a PICC Line. It help to keep it covered and in place. Material is excellent and good fit.

PICCPerfect: Smart PICC Line Covers


I tried a couple different covers for my picc line and my arm kept a rash and was itching all the time. As soon as I put this sleeve on the itching stopped and my rash is gone. I have worn it 3 days straight and it has not stretched out yet and I get infusions daily. The only downside is there are not many choices as to color.

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