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Helpfulness: Chronic illness patients! Those with compromised immune systems and the elderly!

This is he absolute best mask I've ever owned. High quality, lightweight. Fits your face like a glove. Doesn't get hot and humid like other masks do underneath it. This would be especially helpful during summer, but you can absolutely wear it year round in supreme comfort!

Perfect PICC line cover

Once I new I was getting a PICC, I searched online for how to care for it and related products.
While socks and tubes were common solutions, dedicated covers looked like my best option. Many were effectively just sports sleeves, other appear to be poor equivalents of the PICCPerfect® Cover.

The PICCPerfect® Cover provides the most features ... from the ports to allows easy access, to the anti-microbial material and various size options to get the best fit.

While waiting for my delivery I used various tubes (often elasticated bandages)... all of which ended up being far too tight didn't allow easy access to the ports, and the materials were rough causing discomfort after a few hours. As soon as I put on the PICCPerfect® Cover, my arm felt cooler and more comfortable... I was much more at ease and able to use my arm as normal.

Thank you Robert for taking the time to share your positive thoughts about our product! We're thrilled to hear you had a great experience with Mighty Well.

Great for teens

My 18-year-old son could not have survived his picc line without the picc sleeve and shower sleeve. Thank you to Paula at Boston Children’s Hospital for the great recommendation.

Thank you for choosing Mighty Well and for sharing your wonderful feedback. Everyone here at Mighty Well is a fan of Paula!

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover
Kevin Kramer (Pittsburgh, US)

Very responsive and friendly team.

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover

H₂O Shield™: PICC Line Shower Cover
Francis Yik (Central, HK)
Satisfactory products

I received in about a week the PICC covers and water shields after I placed my order with Mighty Well. The products are good in quality.

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover
John Redfearn (Leonardo, US)
If you have A PICC line You Need This!

My nurse recommended the PICC Perfect Cover 2 Days before I got it i was using the equivalent of a tube sock with toes cut off. The PICC perfect cover was a game changer.

Customer service is also really good. I accidentally shipped to the wrong location near offered to help me with that even contacting me on the weekend. Luckily I was able to do it without their help.

Helpfulness: Everything
The best!

I have so many good things to say about this backpack… I have never written a review in my life but this deserve it… my daughter (2 years old) runs tpn Lipids and milrenon plus a feeding pump. This backpack has make it so so easy to organize all of it and also gave me some style while being out and about and being a medical momma caring a medical back pack! Life changing! Thank you so so so so much!!!

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover
Rebekah McKarcher (Spokane, US)
Best picc cover and best customer service!

I just had a picc line placed a few weeks ago. I am pregnant and have a rare disease that causes inability to eat and drink properly so I get about 85% of my daily fluids and nutrients through the picc. It’s been a life saver but I am hyper sensitive and the after pains of picc placement were horrible for me. I cried for days, my arm was incredibly sore and tender and the awful mesh sleeve the hospital gives you was causing more pain and irritation. I desperately searched online for a solution, or just anything to help ease my discomfort and I came across mighty well. I went ahead and ordered a couple picc covers and within a week realized I got a size too big because they were constantly slipping down. I think I measured for size when my arm was a bit swollen and/or just measured badly because I was in tons of pain and was extremely sick so not totally thinking straight (my quick advice: have someone else measure your arm for you if you’re sick like I was). So I emailed customer service and they actually cared and offered to send out new covers a size smaller! And completely free of charge! I was blown away! And they told me to just keep the used ones that were too large! So I was able to donate them to my home infusion nurse! She runs a non profit infusion clinic that cares for sick people. She was so grateful because a lot of her patients can’t afford to get the nicer picc covers and end up just using the awful hospital mesh cover or even cutting a tube sock and using that as a make shift cover! If I was a super wealthy person I would purchase and donate hundreds of these picc covers to her clinic!! Anyways, all around I’m just really impressed with this company, the quality of their products, the customer service and everything. My new smaller picc covers fit great now and make life so much easier! I also want to note that I searched for days trying to find a cheaper option but never could find a picc cover with the holes for lumens, the double fabric wall and non slip grip around edges of cover…mighty well is the only company I could find that makes them exactly this way. So it was worth the bit of extra money!

PiccPerfect Cover is definitely perfect!

I was on a picc line for a month in May and resorted to cutting socks to try to cover and keep my picc line from dangling. Now I am on a picc line again for several months. I stumbled across Mighty Well website in my search for a better solution that wig actually stay up. I ordered 2, and when they arrived, which was in a few days, I was happily surprised at how well it holds my picc line, easy to get off and on. It doesn't make my arm sweat and I feel like kids aren't intimidated by it since they see a lot of runners with bands on their arms to hold their phones. Happy I ordered 2, as it's been over 100 here, so I wear 1 for 3 days, then I just hand wash and either hang to dry or throw in dryer on low for 20 minutes. Then I can use other one.

Helpfulness: Carrying my tube feeding supplies and uni equipment without the need for separate bags or a pole

This backpack is everything I hoped for. It is so fantastic to carry my enteral nutrition feeds and pump. There are so many access points, making it easy to connect my NJ tube. The storage options within the bag are excellent, and I love how many separated compartments there are. I absolutely love that I can separate my medical supplies from my uni/work equipment. The bag stands independently so I don't need a pole, which is a lifesaver. Honestly could not be happier. The bag was quite pricey once the cost was converted to AUD, however, really worth it for the quality, and the functionality. My only criticism is the straps being quite wideset, so not sitting on the back of chairs and only just staying on the back of my wheelchair. Not a criticism, but just a thought: I don't think it would be suitable for two bags/two pumps. I have a 1L Ensure feed and it takes up quite a lot of room in the bag, with my pump. This raises questions for those running IV fluids as well as enteral nutrition. I also wish there was an exterior side pocket for a waterbottle or phone. Otherwise, no complaints. Function aside, the bag is super sleek. I purchased it in the platinum colour, and I have had so many compliments on it! I'm so glad to support a business by and for chronically ill and disabled people. I can't recommend it enough. Thank you, Mighty Well. :)

H₂O Shield™: PICC Line Shower Cover
Brenda Stoker (Victor, US)
Excellent! Huge problem solver! Highly recommend!

I had a picc line recently placed in my arm. Made showering very difficult. This product is perfect and so simple to put on! Use it daily. Thank you!


I am so glad I ordered my PICC line covers! They are so much better to use than the "socks" the lab sends! The first one was too large after the swelling went down (they had to try twice in the same area of the same arm so LOTS of swelling) but awesome customer service helped me get the right size and in a very short time. Highly recommended!

Sanity Saver for a Toddler

My 1.5 year old son had a PICC placed for 6 weeks of antibiotics. We were in and out of the hospital during that time and this PICC sleeve even received rave reviews from his bedside nurses. The sleeve kept his PICC dressing in place without lifting and made it easy to hide the ends out of his view when they were not in use. I highly recommend this product to anyone with children who will have a PICC in place for any duration!

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover
Robert Bartlett (Fullerton, US)
Love the product

I found these after researching PICC lines and have been extremely satisfied. I wish I'd known how much I love them, would've taken advantage of buying a few more at discount (I bought 2). Peace of mind, especially when sleeping

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover
Frank St Lawrence (Fairhope, US)
Wonderful picc line cover

The picc line covers are easy to put on, help keep the area clean and are comfortable.

Amazing Product

I bought 3 PICCPerfect Covers for my mom back in February and have never been more satisfied with a product. My mom was battling with infections. She has had a PICC line, a Central line, and a Port all for TPN use. All of which got infected. The PICC has been the one with the least infection but still, it happened. Found these after her last hospitalization and new PICC Line placement. I am happy to report since using this product she has been infection free since February. This is the longest she has gone without a hospitalization due to infection! So grateful for this product!

Very Helpful Product

I bought two of these a few weeks ago, and I found them to be super helpful. I just recently bought two more of them so that I can change them more frequently without the added worry of doing laundry quite as often. I would definitely recommend this product, as it has been very valuable to me thus far.

H₂O Shield™: PICC Line Shower Cover
M. Lloyd (Chattanooga, US)
Quality Product & Very Happy

The H2O Shield shower cover was exactly as I hoped for and anticipated. Very thankful for this great product! It has made the process so much easier and safer.

Great product! Great creation! 💚

I really love my picc line covers, very comfy and I feel more protected with them!
Just wish you had lavender color in XXS/XS 😉

Mighty Well Mask Care Kit: New Day, New Color
Tina LEWIS (Colorado Springs, US)
Helpfulness: Keeping my allergies down and protecting me from infection.

These MW masks are the softest and breathable fabric! I was surprised how easy it is to breathe but be protected. I also bought the mask clip accessory . The nose clip is very comfortable. This is the first mask I have worn that I can wear all day.

Helpfulness: Giving me full mobility with near-continuous feeds.
The Goldilocks backpack!

My Mighty Well backpack is my third since getting my feeding tube and it is the one I wanted/needed all along.

It's shaping and stability is perfect! I works great for loading and stays upright even on the bed. I love it's thin profile because I can keep it on my back when sitting in a chair or even on the toilet. And I had no idea how much I would appreciate the zip-able access point.

I balked for a minute at the price. $150 is actually a completely reasonable price, but I was feeling overwhelmed by just how.much everything related to tube-feeding costs. But my spouse reminded me that the only thing I use more than my backpack are my glasses, and those cost a hell of a lot more! And I am so glad I listened to him, because this bag is worth so much more than what they charge! It is just that good of a bag!

Helpfulness: Improved mobility
Fluid Motion Backpack

Impressed with the versatility of the backpack. The reinforced bottom allows the bag to sit flush on the floor negating the use of a pole. Glad I found the Fluid Motion!

Helpfulness: My TPN but can also be used for feeding tubes when I’m connected
TPN backpack

I got this backpack for my TPN which is 3.5L and I’m on it for 18hrs. This bag is truly amazing and has helped me go out and about with my TPN!! It’s practical but also cute and has made my life so much easier!! I found the bag on tiktok and immediately bought it. I live in Australia and with standard shipping it only took a week to come I truly recommend this bag to anyone in similar circumstances :)

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Cover
Kagari Jones (Washington, US)

PICCPerfect® Antimicrobial PICC Line Covers