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PICCPerfect®: Antimicrobial PICC Line Covers

Managing My PICC Line So Much Easier!

My home health nurses have raved about my PICC line cover. I've shared your name and website with them so they can tell their other patients. I've just ordered another.

First purchase

First time with a PICC line and the sleeves I was sent home with from the hospital were awful. I'm so glad I decided to get one of this it made this process so much easier and more comfortable at the same time!

Great Medication Holder

Loved it, got here quickly and it is able
To hold all my medications which makes my bag so much lighter, which is super important to me. I 110% recommend this product to anyone who has a chronic illness and needs a better
Way to carry their meds.

High quality and comfortable gear!

The tshirt is very soft and nice screen printing. The hat is comfortable and great embroidery lettering front and back. The patches are high quality, detailed, awesome awareness designs!

Love the concept

I love the product. It’s durable and sleek. I wish it came with more pouches as someone with Lyme Disease I take about 16 medications and 16 supplements a day.

The Best Way to Transport My Meds

I don’t know where I was without my Mighty MedPlanner before I bought it. It’s the simplest way to carry my meds that need to be cooled, as well as just being handy to carry supplies like my glucose meter and an Epipen. One of the best ways I’ve spent my money.

Love love love

My husbands arm is 12” and we got him a medium. Tight at first but he got use to it as a large is too big. He was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and needs a PICC line in his arm until future therapy. This cover fits him well that we forgets he even has has a PICC line. I say best product on the market. Thank you!

Only wish there were more colors!

Excellent Product

My daughter has a PICC Line. It help to keep it covered and in place. Material is excellent and good fit.

PICCPerfect: Smart PICC Line Covers


I tried a couple different covers for my picc line and my arm kept a rash and was itching all the time. As soon as I put this sleeve on the itching stopped and my rash is gone. I have worn it 3 days straight and it has not stretched out yet and I get infusions daily. The only downside is there are not many choices as to color.

I feel so humbled to be able to purchase my medical supplies from a company that has compassion and understanding for the sick. Truly amazing place to get your supplies and they are all made extremely well.

Great product!

The Mighty MedPlanner is awesome! I have been using it to carry my IV supplies. I am able to fit 2 or 3 saline syringes, my antibiotic syringe, a heparin syringe, alcohol wipes, rubber gloves, my oral antibiotics, and a few other things. Everything I need is in one spot! My only recommendation would be to maybe make another one that is slightly larger so people can chose which size best suites their needs. Overall, I love this product!

Easy to use and a great idea!

This is a really spectacular product. It’s really easy to use and designed specifically for my needs. The strap on the side is also wide enough for my service dog to retrieve it when I am unable to walk. I would recommend this to anyone with a chronic illness!

Best picc purchase!!

I absolutely LOVE my PICCPerfect picc cover!! It is so comfortable, breathable, and keeps my line and extension wrapped up neatly while keeping the dressing covered and clean. I highly recommend this cover to anyone with a picc line!

Game changer

This backpack has been a game changer for carrying my many medical supplies and still has room for school supplies and my daily life items!

Thank you!

Thanks for making such an awesome product! It’s comfortable, easy on and off, and helps make my PICC line unnoticeable! I definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for a comfortable sleeve option.

Good blessing

Shipping took longer then what I anticipated, but once it got here it’s been a great health

this is amazing, I love this cover!!

Perfect For My Needs

So perfect to keep everything organized and also switch from home to travel quickly and easily.

Everything in one place!

The mighty pack fits all of my medical supplies perfectly! I have a hickman line and am connected to my CADD pump 24/7. Keeps my IV bag secure and all my medications in one place. No more digging through my purse for my meds! There’s tons of room for my epi pen and extra medical supplies in case of an emergency. I love that it’s black because it matches everything and won’t show wear and tear. Can’t wait to put some pins on it to personalize! My only regret is that I didn’t find this bag two years ago! Such an amazing product. Lots of love from a fellow Lyme warrior xo

New Day T-Shirt

So happy I took the chance and ordered!

Starting chemo is tough. As a mom, I wanted something to cover my PICC line so my kids wouldn’t have to see something everyday that reminded them that their mom was sick. This cover is amazing! It’s comfortable, easy to use, and everybody just thinks I’m wearing some cool arm band. It’s wonderful to feel “well” again.

Best thing ever

It gives me self confidence. It’s amazing. Every detail is better than any other backpack I’ve had.

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