PICCPerfect® Pro

Secondary Catheter Securement Device For PICC and Midline Maintenance (Rx Only)
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PICCPerfect® Pro: protects + covers

The PICCPerfect® Pro catheter securement device protects and covers a patient’s PICC line. When applied correctly, the PICCPerfect® Pro brings your patients comfort and dignity and may help prevent PICC dressing issues and catheter migrations. 

PICCPerfect® Pro: features
  • Secures the external part of the patient’s PICC line
  • Helps reduces the risk of line dislodgment due to patient activity
  • Patented device allows easy access to the PICC for site viewing and connection
  • Provides a secondary layer of covering that helps to prevent PICC dressing issue
  • Improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs

patients report significantly higher satisfaction rates with PICCPerfect® Pro


“It lets me keep everything in place, without the PICC line ever having to touch my skin. My skin is extremely sensitive, so this helps a LOT!”

Megan G.

“...I don't have to take the cover off to do treatment and that it keeps the tube off my skin! It's comfortable, stylish and practical.”

- Bailey S.

“My doctor introduced me to this company... I was so amazed by the texture of the fabric because it was so much softer than I thought it would be.”

- Amanda T.

PICCPerfect® Pro Case Study

Read more about our Quality Initiatives Study Results with a Regional Health Center in Iowa.

why Mighty Well

In 2013, co-founder Emily Levy struggled to live with a chronic condition and a PICC Line. Her doctors and nurses recommended a sock to cover and protect her line. Driven by our own needs as patients and caregivers, we launched the PICCPerfect® PICC Line Cover. 

Based on the success of this product, hospitals and distributors across the globe sought out Mighty Well with requests for the PICCPerfect Line Cover to be used for in-patient settings to help them address issues with PICC line care. 

This led Mighty Well to create the PICCPerfect® Pro - a secondary Catheter Securement Device (FDA registered - Class 1) so patients across the country could access this product right at the point of device insertion.

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