Top 12 IV Therapy Product Recommendations

a note from our co-founder, Emily

From PICCs to Ports to peripheral IVs, I've lived with vascular access for almost a decade. Because of this, I’ve learned what are the best products to improve my comfort and medical plan. This is the number 1 question I get from my Friends in the Fight™ - so here you go: a complete list of all my favorite medical supplies and where to get them!

–– Emily, our Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer

PICCPerfect® PICC Line Cover

Emily's Take: The only PICC Line Cover that keeps the PICC away from your skin.

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H₂O Shield™ PICC Line Shower Cover

Emily's Take: Keeping your medical device safe and dry while bathing is a daily challenge. After trying every shower sleeve on the market, Mighty Well chose design this protector because of it's easy on-and-off, improved arm mobility, and sleek neoprene protective edges.

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PICCPerfect® Pro

Emily's Take:PICCPerfect®, but with a little extra protection! We took our best-selling PICC Line Cover and gave it a few upgrades, including a velcro tightening strap, and larger exit points.

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SwabCap® + SwabFlush®

Emily's Take: This disinfecting cap for needle free connectors enhanced my safety by providing long term protection of the end of my IV tubing. This helped to provide peace of mind that no germs were entering my IV tubing!

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3M Steri-Strip Reinforced Skin Closures, 10 pack

Emily's Take: These latex-free, waterproof, and hypoallergenic, have been helpful when there is an excess of IV tubing, in place of a Grip-Lok, or to help a wound close.

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Covalon IVClear®

Emily's Take: I was tired of itching at my skin with a standard IV dressing and I delt with contact dermatitis from traditional tegaderm.

IV Clear is the only medical dressing I put on my skin because it provides all-in-one protection against infection agents with it’s built in chlorhexidine and silver.

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Eloquest Detachol® Adhesive Remover

Emily's Take: This easy to use applicator helped to remove all of the medical adhesive residue post dressing change. The easy to use vial makes this product a must have!

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TIDI Grip-Lok

Emily's Take: Thanks to the hypoallergenic adhesive, this device provides comfort when securing any IV, catheter, or feeding tube. It's designed to improve patient safety and it's easy to reposition! Even better, its 4.9x stronger than medical tape!

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Fluid Motion Backpack

Emily's Take: The latest verison of our best selling IV Infusion Backpack - the best backpack for TPN, Tube Feeding, Diabetic supplies and more.

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Eloquest Mastisol® Liquid Adhesive

Emily's Take: I love using Mastisol in hotter months when my skin is sweaty. This helps my dressing to stay in place until it’s time for my next scheduled dressing change.

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BioPatch® Protective Disk with CHG

Emily's Take: This CHG (Chlorhexidine) kills germs at the site and helps to reduce the spread of infections. I love that this provides skin protection around the entire insertion site and is trusted by over 60% of all US hospitals.

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Mighty Well Mask

Emily's Take: From the soft ear loops to the sturdy nose clip, this is the perfect all-day everyday face mask.

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