feeding tube care

For many people with GI challenges, eating and drinking may not be the best way to get nutrition. Learn everything you need to know about living at home with a feeding tube.

covering the basics on tube feeding

What Is the Difference Between Tube Feeding and TPN?

There are many resources available, however, and many other people going through the same challenges.  Here are some tips on TPN, feeding tubes, and more to get you started.

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Confused About Feeding Tubes? Breaking Down the Types

If you’ve recently been told that you need a feeding tube, you likely have many emotions and questions.  Learning a bit about each type can help you go into your next appointment feeling prepared.

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Resource Guide to Conquer Life With a Feeding Tube

New to the world of feeding tubes? Looking for some feeding tube resources? Here are our favorites to get you going.

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What to Expect When You Get Your First Feeding Tube?

No one expects to end up with a feeding tube, and your first experience can come with a large learning curve. We know the feeling, and want to help lower these barriers! Here is what we wish we knew going in: 

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Tubie Gear: Our Top Recommendations

Administering feeds requires a lot of tubie gear. We’ve asked our tubie friends what gear made a difference for them, and compiled this list of recommendations.

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A Helpful Guide to Enteral Feeding Pumps for Tube Feeding

There are a few types of enteral feeding pumps available (but not many), each with its own features and benefits. In this blog, we will cover the options of enteral feeding pumps available in the United States:

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feeding tube care: tips & tricks

6 Feeding Tube Complications and How to Avoid Them

Feeding tubes can be a lifesaver – literally. Here are a few feeding tube complications to look out for and tips for avoiding them.

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7 Things People With Feeding Tubes Wish Others Knew

It’s OK to be curious about feeding tubes, though, because when you ask questions, you help raise awareness. Consider a few feeding tube truths people with feeding tubes would like you to know.

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Best Tricks To Navigate Tube Feeding On the Go Like a Pro

Navigating tube feeding on the go is tricky, especially for first-timers. We chatted with Erica, one of our Friends in the Fight, about her experiences getting out with a tube.

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5 Tips for Building An Awesome Caregiving Team

Learning to thrive with a chronic illness is a team effort; it’s not something you can simply do on your own. You’ll need to work on building a care team of people supporting you throughout your journey.

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10 Tips for Organizing Feeding Tube Supplies At Home

We’ll share some of the most essential feeding tube supplies and 10 tips our community members have shared with us about how to best organize them when at home.  

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Friends in the Fight™ stories

How I Learned To Love My Feeding Tube

Gracie quickly learned that the most important part of accepting her illness was for her to have confidence in herself and to learn to love her tube — and that’s precisely what she did.

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Feeding Tube Awareness Week: Kayla’s Story

An opportunity to reflect on the life-saving benefits of feeding tubes for so many of our Friends in the Fight™. To commemorate Feeding Tube Awareness Week, we are excited to share Kayla’s story.

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Advice From a Friend Living with Gastroparesis & Feeding Tubes

Due to Shannon's chronic illness, she is currently NPO (nothing by mouth) and have been since November 2014. Here is her story of living with Gastroparesis.

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