The Mighty Pack
IV infusion medical backpack - the mighty pack
iv infusion pump backpack for patients
The Mighty Pack
Medical Backpack for IV and Pump Plus Wheelchair
medical infusion backpack with laptop pouch
Medical Backpack Wheelchair Compatible The Mighty Pack
The Mighty Pack
Medical Backpack IV infusion pump backpack The Mighty Pack
Medical Backpack for IV and Pump Plus Wheelchair
The Mighty Pack Laptop Medical Bag
The Mighty Pack
The Mighty Pack

The Mighty Pack

Regular price $125.00

We’ve got your back! Meet the Mighty Pack, the first medical backpack designed for patients, by patients. It's the perfect versatile solution for patients looking for an IV infusion backpack that can hold everything you need.

If you’ve been trying to jam your IV bag, medical pump, medical supplies, diabetic supplies, and personal belongings altogether, the Mighty Pack holds it all in a discreet and stylish way.

Plus, this new backpack is perfect for wheelchair users, as it has multiple strap locations to allow for flexibility. Nobody needs to know that you are carrying or wearing your essential medical devices and supplies. As patients ourselves, this is a product that we wish we’d had!

Mighty Pack Features:

  • Classic backpack silhouette that converts to fit easily over a wheelchair

  • An expandable medical compartment that can hold multiple medical supplies including medical pumps, IV bags/nutrition bags, extra tubing, infusion supplies, etc.

  • A second separated compartment to keep your tech and personal objects separate from medical supplies

  • Compartments are insulated and easy to clean. This keeps food or medication cold and easy to organize for daily use or travel

  • Reinforced mesh pockets to keep sharps contained

  • Side zippers to easily access your pump and seamlessly connect your IV tubing to access site in the body

  • Easy open zippers designed for people with hand mobility difficulties

  • Padded backstrap pads for user comfort and all day wear

  • Ultra-durable nylon shell

  • Easily fits multiple icepacks for patients on the go

  • Bonus outside back pocket to fit notepads, iPads, Kindle’s and more!

  • Works with most universal home infusion pumps and IV/Feed bags up to 1500 ml

  • Dimensions: 14.5” h x 12” w x 4” d

    Designed to be convenient for:

  • Tube feeding/enteral nutrition/infusion patients

  • Diabetic patients

  • Anyone needing to carry medical supplies

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I just got it because I had it shipped to a friend but I love it already!!! I’m so happy with the way it holds my feeds and I don’t have to worry about my feeds spilling everywhere!! And it’s not too big of a bag to carry around either!!

Perfect bag!

This bag fits everything! I can fit my infusion supplies, wallet, sunglasses, other medical stuff. Everything I need to leave the house when infusing fits in this bag! I also really like the flat bottom to the backpack so it stands on its own instead of tipping over. The inside that is resistant to needle stabs is also so helpful. This bag is everything I’ve been looking for!

Amazing, but I want a different color.

I bought this backpack last February (2019). I was hating the stupid cheap bag my infusion company gave me, and no other options were working. So I spent the money to get this bag. I love the ability to throw my medications, IV supplies and pump in my bag and be able to safely, and efficiently, live my life. I have a history of destroying bags, that I carry every day, within 2-3 months. I need to carry lots of items for my health and in case of emergencies. I am impressed that my bag looks almost as good as it did the day I got it in the mail. The reason I couldn’t give this bag five stars is because, 1. I wish it was a different color than black, it shows lots of dirt and other things I get into, and 2. I wish the straps were about 2-3 inches longer. I can make it work, but it would be much better if I could get longer straps.

The Mighty Pack Backpack

I am IN LOVE with the Mighty Pack Backpack. I love the number and sizes of pockets that the Mighty Pack has! My whole life I have had to put my medical supplies in a ziplock bag because the backpacks I got didn't have pockets but now I use the pockets that the Mighty Pack provides. I also love the size of the backpack. Growing up in a wheelchair it has been hard to find a backpack that fits the back of my wheelchair. Thank you Mighty Well for making this backpack! It's helping so many people and I can't wait to show others this amazing product.

Finally A Bag That Works With My Wheelchair!

I love my Mighty Pack! Not gonna lie, I was super hesitant to buy this due to the price tag. Then my treatment changed and I started needing to be hooked up to an IV bag and tube feeds at the same time.

This bag easily fits my tube feeding pump and bag. It also has enough space to put 1L of IV fluids in, along with a curlin pump. It’s made of some very high quality material as well, and sewn together expertly. I could easily see this bag lasting me years without falling apart,.

I am in a wheelchair full time so one of my biggest concerns was that this bag wouldn’t fit well on the back of my chair. This backpack has detachable straps, which makes it literally perfect for wheelchair users. I can put it on my wheelchair very securely, without any concern that it’s going to fall off, and it stays well above the ground or my power assist.

Before getting my Mighty Pack I used to leave the house with a backpack on my back, an undercarriage bag for my wheelchair, a large grey backpack for all my supplies, and another small bag for formula. Now I can fit everything I need for my medications in the mighty pack and my undercarriage bag just carries my documents.

I have but one “con” with this bag. On its own, prior to putting anything in the bag, it’s already kind of heavy. I haven’t weighed it yet but I’d say maybe 2-3lb. Part of this I think is due to the insulation and padding that they put into the biggest compartment for electronics, which I don’t use for electronics so it’s sort of a moot point for me.. I would love to see an option, in the future, to remove the padding from the bag if the person doesn’t expect to be using it.

All in all, this bag has given me so much peace of mind. I now have my emergency meds near me any time I need them, leaving the house is just a matter of throwing my feeds in and rolling out.

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