The Best Diabetes Organizer

Meet The Mighty MedPlanner!

The Mighty MedPlanner has everything diabetes patients need to stay safe and organized on the go.

Have you struggled to find the right daily organizer for your diabetes medications, supplies, and other necessities? We have the solution for you.

Meet the Mighty MedPlanner, a medical organizer designed specifically for diabetes patients. Because it was designed by real patients, it has everything you need!

It has space for an ice pack, a glucose meter, emergency snack supplies, pills, and other daily essentials!

The best part? No one needs to know that you are carrying or wearing your essential medical devices and supplies.

There's a reason it has a 5 star rating!

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Love this I use it for my medicines, glucose meter, strips and snack for low blood sugar. It's an amazing tool to have 💜💙💚💛"

- Jessica S.

"This is a really spectacular product. It's really easy to use and designed specifically for my needs. The strap on the outside is also wide enough for my service dog to retrieve it when I am unable to walk. I would recommend this to anyone with a chronic illness!"

- Tara S.

"This is a well designed product which assists with medication adherence by storing everything I need in one convenient, durable, portable, and easy to organize system. Not only am I using it multiple times a day, I am also recommending it to my patients."

- Kristen R.

Diabetes Organizer Features

  • A binder ring system which holds MedPlanner Pouches (Molded food-grade TPU zip-top pouches)
  • You can use a Washable Marker to write on your MedPlanner Pouches based on your schedule and preferences (ex. Monday-Sunday)
  • Reinforced elastic grid to hold diabetic supplies
  • Back expandable pocket for additional storage
  • Can hold an ice pack for your medication that needs to be kept cold
  • Easy open loop designed especially for people with hand mobility difficulties
  • Exterior nylon shell disguises your medical organizer as tech/cosmetics

The Mighty MedPlanner is the best solution for diabetes patients in need of a organizer to stay safe, prepared, and organized on the go.

Customize Your Mighty MedPlanner with Two Pocket Pouches

  • Our new two pocket pouches give you even more custom organization options.
  • Made with the same food-grade TPU and secure zip-lock slider as our original MedPlanner Pouches.
  • Easy to customize with a dry-erase marker.

Don't forget to add these to your cart at checkout so you can customize your MedPlanner to fit your specific needs!

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