An Update from Emily Levy

Hi, Friend in the Fight,

It’s Emily, one of the co-founders of Mighty Well- otherwise known as your ally and Friend in the Fight.

As my friends and support system, I wanted to personally share some news with you about my ongoing health journey.

When Maria, Yousef, and I founded Mighty Well, we knew that I might encounter periods where I would need to step back and focus on my health. As you all know too well, chronic disease is unpredictable. Please take a moment to watch this video I’ve recorded and hear my story. I hope my transparency today will empower you to trust your instincts when it comes to your health, and advocate for yourself.

Over the last year, our incredible team has stepped up and even grown during the pandemic, including Leslie Smith, our long-term board member, who is stepping in as our interim CEO. I am thankful to Leslie for being a true Friend in the Fight who can directly connect with the health struggles of our community through her own lived experiences.

Despite my health setback, I’m so excited to share that I will be taking on the interim role of Chief Brand Officer. In this new role, I will have more of an opportunity to connect with you directly and share my personal message of turning Sickness into Strength.

You can find me advocating for chronic illness and disabled folks on Instagram @Mightywell_Emily. I will share more of my heartfelt health journey, and please know that you can reach out to me anytime as your friend and ally.

After all, we are Mightier Together.

July 9th, 2021