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Why Is Facebook Rejecting These Fashion Ads?

The automated intelligence systems of Instagram and Facebook have repeatedly denied ads placed by small businesses that make stylish clothing for people with disabilities.

A medical diagnosis leads to an innovative fashion design

The budding entrepreneur, whose mother worked for designer Giorgio Armani and whose father owned a surf shop, drew inspiration from the surfwear industry to create a practical solution that to her knowledge -- and apparently her doctors' -- didn't yet exist.

How Cartier Is Helping a Female Entrepreneur Change Lives Through Fashion

After getting to hear elevator pitches from all 21 finalists, there was one woman I knew I had to interview. As you might have guessed, she and her two co-founders have a fashion-related product, but one that happens to be changing the lives of people with chronic illnesses.

21 Finalists Named For the 2019 Cartier Women's Initiative Awards

The 2019 Cartier Women’s Initiative Award has named 21 female entrepreneurial finalists, including three women from North America, who will compete to become one of seven laureates. More than $1.1 million in prize money will be distributed among these women business owners.

Emily Levy, Founder Of Mighty Well, Shares How She Manages Her Business With Chronic Illness

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy for anyone, but layer in having a chronic condition, managing doctors appointments, or days you don't feel well, and it’s a whole other layer of complexity on top.

These 25-Year-Olds Are Forging the Future

This year, the adaptive wear market—clothing made specifically for people with disabilities, chronic diseases and injuries—is predicted to generate $288.7 billion in revenue, $349.9 billion by 2023. But three years ago, when Emily Levy and Maria Del Mar Gomez Viyella launched their company Mighty Well, a consumer brand that designs products for chronically ill patients with long-term medical devices, the category didn’t even exist.

How to Thrive Like Wonder Woman During Times of Major Crisis

From the chaos brought on by a chronic illness, Levy birthed a business and an industry with her Babson College undergraduate roommate. Multiple awards and recognitions aside, Emily is most proud of the team she has built. "My team is to a point where they can thrive, even in my temporary absence when I have to nap or go to a doctor appointment," says Levy.


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