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Are you getting an implanted port? Here's all the info you'll need, including personal tips from co-founder Emily Levy.

covering the basics on an implanted port

What is an Implanted Port?

A Close Look at Central Venous Catheters & Central Lines. One of the critical areas that allowed Emily Levy to have more freedom in her day-to-day life was transitioning from a PICC to an implanted chest port.

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How To Access Your Implanted Port?

Co-founder Emily Levy breaks down the most crucial part of having a port: correctly flushing and accessing your implanted port by yourself.

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PICC vs. Port: Making The Best Choice For You

Sometimes patients are given the option to choose between a PICC Line vs. a port, but before making your big decision, it’s important to know the facts about both medical devices.

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PICC Lines vs. Other Central Lines: Weighing Your Options

It is important to learn about PICC lines vs. other central lines and what might be best for you.

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What Happens After Port Surgery?

In this section of our port series, co-founder Emily Levy is breaking down a little bit of what happens after port surgery. A critical part of having a port is caring for the incision site after placement.

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What Is the Best Option for Vascular Access?

You’ve probably been overwhelmed by the number of medical terms and devices available for vascular access. It’s essential to know the different types of vascular access device options so that you can be informed before moving forward

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Friends in the Fight™ living with an implanted port

15 Things to Consider When Living With an Implanted Port

In this installment of our port series, co-founder Emily Levy shares personal tips, essential considerations, and a few complications to watch out for when living with a port. 

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Top IV Therapy Products To Make Life Easier

From PICCs to Ports to peripheral IVs, Emily has lived with vascular access for almost a decade. Because of this, she's learned what are the best products to improve her comfort and medical plan.

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6 Tips for Living Your Best Life With a Port-A-Cath

I know it may seem like a big adjustment to have to start living with a port, but here are some tips that will make the port life much easier!

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