Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack

Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack

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Ditch the pole with our Fluid Motion Backpack - the best feeding tube backpack.

The Fluid Motion Backpack is a sleek and discreet design that keeps your feeding tube bags and supplies all in one place. Improving upon our Mighty Pack offers greater durability and functionality while allowing other medications and feeding tube supplies to be neatly stored.

The Fluid Motion Backpack has straps that can withstand wear and tear, it's made with water-repellent twill fabric, and it has three (3) tube exit points at each side of the bag and the top. At 17" inches in height, the backpack accommodates a large tube feeding bag but is still light for everyday useInside the backpack, patients can store all their tube feeding supplies at the back of the bag, hook up their feeding tube bags with easy-to-use carabiners, and secure their feeding pump with velcro flaps.

With the Fluid Motion Backpack by your side, you can manage your enteral feedings at home or on the go.

  • Water-repellent shell and interior
  • 100% polyester
  • 17"H x 11"W x 4"D

This item can be purchased with most FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) and HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) on Mightywell.com. If you have a card, you can add it in checkout. You can also purchase these items using a different payment method and choose to be reimbursed from your benefit administrator later. Learn more about FSA/HSA here.

About the Feeding Tube Backpack
  • Up to Two (2) 1.5L Bags
  • Ice packs, tube feeding supplies, and other daily use items

Learn more about how to organize your feeding tube supplies here.

  • Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump
  • Infinity Orange Small Volume Enteral Feeding Pump
  • The Kangaroo™ Joey
  • Kangaroo™ ePump
  • Kangaroo™ Connect

Learn more about different types of feeding tube pumps here.

  • Feeding Tube patients using G tube, J tube, NJ tube, PEJ Tube, etc. 
  • Anyone needing to carry medical devices or supplies
  • Spot clean with a damp cloth


3 compartments, 3 exit points, and so much storage.
overwhelmed by your feeding tube?

No worries, we've got you covered with our Feeding Tube Care Resource Hub. Learn everything you should know about feeding tubes, how to care for feeding tubes, and tips and tricks from Friends in the Fight™.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
M.G. (Layton, US)
Helpfulness: Everything
The best!

I have so many good things to say about this backpack… I have never written a review in my life but this deserve it… my daughter (2 years old) runs tpn Lipids and milrenon plus a feeding pump. This backpack has make it so so easy to organize all of it and also gave me some style while being out and about and being a medical momma caring a medical back pack! Life changing! Thank you so so so so much!!!

tay (Bundaberg, AU)
Helpfulness: Carrying my tube feeding supplies and uni equipment without the need for separate bags or a pole

This backpack is everything I hoped for. It is so fantastic to carry my enteral nutrition feeds and pump. There are so many access points, making it easy to connect my NJ tube. The storage options within the bag are excellent, and I love how many separated compartments there are. I absolutely love that I can separate my medical supplies from my uni/work equipment. The bag stands independently so I don't need a pole, which is a lifesaver. Honestly could not be happier. The bag was quite pricey once the cost was converted to AUD, however, really worth it for the quality, and the functionality. My only criticism is the straps being quite wideset, so not sitting on the back of chairs and only just staying on the back of my wheelchair. Not a criticism, but just a thought: I don't think it would be suitable for two bags/two pumps. I have a 1L Ensure feed and it takes up quite a lot of room in the bag, with my pump. This raises questions for those running IV fluids as well as enteral nutrition. I also wish there was an exterior side pocket for a waterbottle or phone. Otherwise, no complaints. Function aside, the bag is super sleek. I purchased it in the platinum colour, and I have had so many compliments on it! I'm so glad to support a business by and for chronically ill and disabled people. I can't recommend it enough. Thank you, Mighty Well. :)

Eva Schweber (Flushing, US)
Helpfulness: Giving me full mobility with near-continuous feeds.
The Goldilocks backpack!

My Mighty Well backpack is my third since getting my feeding tube and it is the one I wanted/needed all along.

It's shaping and stability is perfect! I works great for loading and stays upright even on the bed. I love it's thin profile because I can keep it on my back when sitting in a chair or even on the toilet. And I had no idea how much I would appreciate the zip-able access point.

I balked for a minute at the price. $150 is actually a completely reasonable price, but I was feeling overwhelmed by just how.much everything related to tube-feeding costs. But my spouse reminded me that the only thing I use more than my backpack are my glasses, and those cost a hell of a lot more! And I am so glad I listened to him, because this bag is worth so much more than what they charge! It is just that good of a bag!

G. DARRYL REED (Palos Park, US)
Helpfulness: Improved mobility
Fluid Motion Backpack

Impressed with the versatility of the backpack. The reinforced bottom allows the bag to sit flush on the floor negating the use of a pole. Glad I found the Fluid Motion!

Tv06 (Sydney, AU)
Helpfulness: My TPN but can also be used for feeding tubes when I’m connected
TPN backpack

I got this backpack for my TPN which is 3.5L and I’m on it for 18hrs. This bag is truly amazing and has helped me go out and about with my TPN!! It’s practical but also cute and has made my life so much easier!! I found the bag on tiktok and immediately bought it. I live in Australia and with standard shipping it only took a week to come I truly recommend this bag to anyone in similar circumstances :)

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