PICC line care
Your first PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) will likely come with a bunch of questions. Don’t worry; we've got you covered with all the tips for PICC line care at home or on the go.

your first PICC: covering the basics

What is a PICC Line? Your Trusted Quick-Start Guide

Let's start with the basics: What is a PICC line, what is it used for, and basic tips for how to care for your PICC Line.

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4 Ways to Prepare for a PICC Line Placement

Feeling nervous for an upcoming PICC line placement procedure? Here are some confidence boosting tips to get ready.

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What Happens During PICC Placement?

We know how it feels to be facing this type of procedure, so we’ve put together a list of what to expect.

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Your First PICC Line – What to Expect in the First Few Days

Your first PICC line (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) you will likely come with a bunch questions.

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5 Common Questions on PICC Line Dressing Changes Answered

We get a lot of questions about how to protect PICC lines and catheters. Here are some of those answers.

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5 Common Questions about PICC Line Removal

We’ve chatted with some Friends in the Fight™ who have been there so that you can feel confident when it’s time for your PICC line removal.

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PICC vs. Port: Making a Choice

Sometimes patients are given the option to choose between a PICC Line vs. a port, but before making your big decision, it’s important to know the facts about both medical devices.

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PICC Lines vs. Other Central Lines: Weighing Your Options

There are many types of central lines, but one commonly used is the PICC. It is important to learn about PICC lines vs. other central lines and what might be best for you.

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10 Tips for Sleeping with a PICC Line or Midline

The journey to a good night's sleep may seem tedious, but following these simple tips for sleeping with a PICC may help you overcome these challenges.

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Ultimate Guide to PICC Line Care: The Video Series

PICC line care: dressings, covers and more

Caring For Your PICC Line: Our Top 4 Tips For PICC Line Care

PICC lines, while safer alternatives for those needing frequent IV treatments, do come with a risk of complications, which makes PICC line care so important.

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How to Change your PICC Line Dressing

Here at Mighty Well, we want to share our knowledge to help you in your PICC line journey! Below are some answers to a few common questions about how to manage a PICC line dressing change.

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Patient Tips: Showering with a PICC Line

One of the biggest challenges with PICCs is showering. Here are our 4 most commonly asked questions for showering with a PICC line answered by our very own professional patient.

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3 Keys to Showering with a PICC Line – The PICC Line Shower Cover and More

Allie was determined to manage my first shower with a PICC Line on my own. Here are her top three tips for managing that first shower, and keeping your PICC Line protected throughout.

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PICC Securement Options: 4 Ways to Secure Your PICC

Getting a PICC placed comes with a lot of unknowns: How will it feel to have a tube inside my body?  What is the procedure like? What are my options for PICC securement? We know that having the right information is key.

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Cute PICC Line Covers Designed For Kids

Living with chronic illness is difficult, exhausting, and isolating.  Going through it as a kid is especially tough — you want to be carefree, busy learning and experiencing new things, and you want to fit in.

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common PICC line issues to watch out for

2 PICC Line Complications: Blood Clots & Infections

Two of the most common and serious issues are blood clots and infections. Of the two, blood clots are more common, affecting 20% to 40% of patients. Infections are less common, with the risk being approximately 2%. 

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PICC Line Complications: Preventing Common Issues

To avoid PICC line complications, knowing how to take care of your PICC line is important. Here you’ll learn about some common complications and how to address them.

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7 Things Not To Do With a PICC Line

Having a PICC line on your upper arm is no fun, but you can still manage tasks you need to accomplish without complications. It takes a lot of getting used to, but it is worth it.

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PICC line care: tips and tricks

4 Tips For Reducing PICC Line Pain

Patients often ask us if PICC lines will hurt and, if so, how to best reduce the pain. The answer is complicated.

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6 Tips for Soaking up the Sun: Summer with a PICC Line

Here are co-founder Emily's top 6 tips for having an amazing day at the beach and enjoying summer with a PICC line.

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Traveling With a PICC Line: Our Top Tips

Traveling is exhausting for everyone, let alone while managing a PICC line and IV medication. Here are six tips for traveling with a PICC line to help you make it through TSA and beyond.

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Protect Your PICC Line: Shower, Exercise & Daily Life Tips

We’ve made mistakes and learned from them, and now we’re here to share our knowledge. PICC Line Care can be tough, especially to keep it clean, but we have lots of advice to share on this topic.

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Top IV Therapy Products Recommendations

From dressings to adhesive remover, check out Mighty Well Co-founder Emily's top IV product recommendations.

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Friends in the Fight™: living with PICCs

When Your Child Needs a PICC Line: Teddy’s Story

Once in while, patients using Mighty Well products reach out to tell us their stories. This one was too beautiful to not share! Teddy’s mom shares the story of raising a child with a PICC line.

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Plot Twist: Navigating Cancer Treatment with a PICC Line

Since her diagnosis, Sydney has committed to documenting every part of her cancer journey, the good and the bad. Read on to learn more about Sydney’s PICC Line, and the ways she navigated this next chapter.

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Top 10 Tips on Living Life to the Fullest with a PICC

There are inevitably some changes in your life that you’ll need to make because of your PICC line. Here are Kathleen's top 10 tips for living life with a PICC line to the fullest.

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Best PICC Dressing Ever Made: PICC-ture Perfect with IV Clear

Brittany shares her experience before and after using IV Clear™ because she knows the discomfort and pain that comes from using the wrong dressing for your skin.

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