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"After discovering that socks were itchy, I tried three covers from another company. Although they were the correct size, they always slid down my arm. Then, I tried this PICC line cover and it has been AMAZING! I always have peace of mind that my PICC line cover is in place, and since I can leave it on during infusions, my dressing underneath stays intact PERFECTLY throughout the week. I couldn't love it more!" - Katherine

“Absolutely IN LOVE with this PICC cover! I tried so many different ones - classic mesh, cut socks, Sleek Sleeves, and more - before coming across PICC Perfect, and I couldn't be more satisfied. There's no discomfort from the PICC line rubbing against my skin -- because it doesn't! It also keeps my PICC in place better than any other cover does, especially during the night." - Abi

"Thank you Mighty Well for your help in getting the PICCPerfect cover for our daughter Kyra. She had her PICC line put in last Wednesday and the cover arrived the same day. The smaller cover fits her arm well and works great during her treatment sessions. It is also a very attractive accessory for her, especially during the hot summer season with sleeveless shirts, etc.” - Matt + Karen

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