Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack

Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube Backpack

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Ditch the pole with our Fluid Motion Backpack - the best feeding tube backpack.

The Fluid Motion Backpack is a sleek and discreet design that keeps your feeding tube bags and supplies all in one place. Improving upon our Mighty Pack offers greater durability and functionality while allowing other medications and feeding tube supplies to be neatly stored.

The Fluid Motion Backpack has straps that can withstand wear and tear, it's made with water-repellent twill fabric, and it has three (3) tube exit points at each side of the bag and the top. At 17" inches in height, the backpack accommodates a large tube feeding bag but is still light for everyday useInside the backpack, patients can store all their tube feeding supplies at the back of the bag, hook up their feeding tube bags with easy-to-use carabiners, and secure their feeding pump with velcro flaps.

With the Fluid Motion Backpack by your side, you can manage your enteral feedings at home or on the go.

  • Water-repellent shell and interior
  • 100% polyester
  • 17"H x 11"W x 4"D

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About the Feeding Tube Backpack
  • Up to Two (2) 1.5L Bags
  • Ice packs, tube feeding supplies, and other daily use items

Learn more about how to organize your feeding tube supplies here.

  • Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump
  • Infinity Orange Small Volume Enteral Feeding Pump
  • The Kangaroo™ Joey
  • Kangaroo™ ePump
  • Kangaroo™ Connect

Learn more about different types of feeding tube pumps here.

  • Feeding Tube patients using G tube, J tube, NJ tube, PEJ Tube, etc. 
  • Anyone needing to carry medical devices or supplies
  • Spot clean with a damp cloth


3 compartments, 3 exit points, and so much storage.
overwhelmed by your feeding tube?

No worries, we've got you covered with our Feeding Tube Care Resource Hub. Learn everything you should know about feeding tubes, how to care for feeding tubes, and tips and tricks from Friends in the Fight™.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Julie R (Bountiful, US)
Helpfulness: IVs and tube feeds on the go
Great Backpack!

The price of this backpack has made me hesitate to order it, but I'm glad I finally ordered it. It has worked wonderful to fit my CADD IV pump and fluids as well as my Infinity feeding pump and feeding bag. I have used hydration backpacks for years, but with the two pumps they are constantly getting tangled with each other and it is a huge mess to untangle. I've found that this backpack keeps the tubing organized and not a huge tangled mess. I did find that the carabiners that came with the backpack were hard to use and connect my IV bag and my feeding bag to so I switched them out with slightly larger and heavier duty carabiners and it has worked much better. I also find the front pocket a little difficult to use because of the diagonal angle that the zipper is at. I really like how the extra strap on the backpack straps don't hang down and drag on the ground if you're carrying the bag.


Absolutely love this bag! It’s my 3rd purchase from this company of IV/feeding tube pump backpacks. Only the second purchase was due to an actual need to replace (but it was my fault for attempting to massively overload the bag, packing about 6 liter bags of fluids, plus supplies and hauling it around, of course I had a zipper bend and stop wanting to zip. So I replaced that one, then they came out with the new style and I of course had to try it out, since I loved the old one. And of course, the new design is even better (and I didn’t think that was possible!). All in all, even if these bags wore out and I had to replace every 6-9 months, I would still happily pay to keep buying, they make my life connected to a tube that much easier and more comfortable. Plus, even when hooked up, NO ONE even notices that it’s a medical bag, much less that it’s for running IV bags and is holding a pump. Not even nurses when they see it sitting in my lap in the hospital!

Josée Matteau (Trois-Rivières, CA)
Helpfulness: School

Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube and TPN Backpack

Tricia Graf (Nashville, US)
Helpfulness: 2 lines on the powerchair
Superior Backpack from multiples we have tried.

This backpack is far superior than the many we have tried and attempted to make ourselves. With a spoonie family, power-chair, multiple lines and lumens, having a duel backpack for two lines is incredibly welcomed.

Hi Tricia,

We're thrilled you love our Mighty Well products. We are a company by patients for patients so personal feedback is always valuable. We will pass along your ideas to the production team! Thank you for your kind words!

Mightier Together,
The MightyWell Team


I am on TPN 12 - 18 hours a day and this backpack allows me to stay on the go while infusing with all my TPN equipment and supplies safely and conveniently with me at all times, work or play…. 👍👍

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