Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube and TPN Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube and TPN Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube and TPN Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube and TPN Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube and TPN Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube and TPN Backpack
Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube and TPN Backpack

Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube and TPN Backpack

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The Fluid Motion Backpack™ provides reliable, secure, and mobile storage for IV infusion or parenteral/enteral feeding systems and supplies. The Fluid Motion Backpack™ replaces an IV pole and offers independence and mobility - users can secure their infusion pump and hang their IV/feed bag so they can manage their infusion/nutrition cycles on the go.

The Fluid Motion Backpack™ also offers a convenient design that fits over most wheelchairs.

  • Medical compartment features:
    • Two interior carabiners for hanging IV/feed bag(s)
    • Two velcro flaps to secure an electronic medical pump(s)
    • 5 interior additional pockets for medical supplies, ice packs, etc.
    • Three entry/exit points for medical tubing
  • Personal compartment features a padded laptop sleeve
  • One exterior pocket for quick access to essential items
  • Water-repellent shell and interior
  • Comfortable padded straps
  • Reliable and sleek design eliminates the need for an IV pole
  • Secure and mobile storage for IV infusion/feeding systems and supplies
  • Convenient hands-free design for freedom and mobility
  • Specialized compartments keep medical and personal essentials separate
  • Multiple interior pockets for customizable organization 
  • Durable materials to protect sensitive medical equipment
  • Easy to clean in case of accidental spilling
  • Water-repellent shell and interior
  • 100% polyester
  • 17"H x 11"W x 4"D

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About: The Fluid Motion Backpack

  • Two (2) 1.5L Bags or
  • One (1) 3L Bag
  • Ice packs, medical supplies, and other daily use item supplies
  • IV Infusion patients
  • Alternative Nutrition: Tube feeding, Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition (PPN) and/or Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) patients
  • Tubie patients using G tube, J tube, NJ tube, PEJ Tube, etc. 
  • Diabetic patients needing to store and carry their diabetic supplies and meds
  • Anyone needing to carry medical devices or supplies
  • Spot clean with a damp cloth

Click here to download the Fluid Motion Backpack™ Instructions for Use.


3 compartments, 3 exit points, and so much storage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

This was the perfect backpack for my Autistic kid that has a center line. He sometimes has outbursts and throws his bag and has caused his TPN bag to leak. In this backpack we have not had one incident where his TPN has leaked or busted. 10/10

Thank you for your kind words! We're thrilled you love our Mighty Well products.

Elena Zajac (Cromwell, US)
Helpfulness: My 24 hour tube feeds. I’m not stuck with an IV pole during the day!!!
Seriously the BEST feeding tube backpack!

The Fluid Motion Backpack allowed me to attend my son’s Eagle Scout Ceremony! This bag is extremely well designed to make feeding on the go so much easier. No more missing events and milestones!!!! The materials are solid, functional and high quality. This bag stands straight up on its own if you take it off and put it down when sitting or working. It’s not flimsy and still lightweight. Lots of room for personal items and super storage for back up supplies, extensions, extra formula, etc. it even can accommodate formulas that need ice packs. My only disappointment is that it only is available in black right now. I hope the platinum one becomes available again! This really is the BEST FEEDING TUBE BAG!!!!! Worth every penny!

Julie R (Bountiful, US)
Helpfulness: IVs and tube feeds on the go
Great Backpack!

The price of this backpack has made me hesitate to order it, but I'm glad I finally ordered it. It has worked wonderful to fit my CADD IV pump and fluids as well as my Infinity feeding pump and feeding bag. I have used hydration backpacks for years, but with the two pumps they are constantly getting tangled with each other and it is a huge mess to untangle. I've found that this backpack keeps the tubing organized and not a huge tangled mess. I did find that the carabiners that came with the backpack were hard to use and connect my IV bag and my feeding bag to so I switched them out with slightly larger and heavier duty carabiners and it has worked much better. I also find the front pocket a little difficult to use because of the diagonal angle that the zipper is at. I really like how the extra strap on the backpack straps don't hang down and drag on the ground if you're carrying the bag.


Absolutely love this bag! It’s my 3rd purchase from this company of IV/feeding tube pump backpacks. Only the second purchase was due to an actual need to replace (but it was my fault for attempting to massively overload the bag, packing about 6 liter bags of fluids, plus supplies and hauling it around, of course I had a zipper bend and stop wanting to zip. So I replaced that one, then they came out with the new style and I of course had to try it out, since I loved the old one. And of course, the new design is even better (and I didn’t think that was possible!). All in all, even if these bags wore out and I had to replace every 6-9 months, I would still happily pay to keep buying, they make my life connected to a tube that much easier and more comfortable. Plus, even when hooked up, NO ONE even notices that it’s a medical bag, much less that it’s for running IV bags and is holding a pump. Not even nurses when they see it sitting in my lap in the hospital!

Josée Matteau (Trois-Rivières, CA)
Helpfulness: School

Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube and TPN Backpack

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